Meinl Percussion HC10VWB-M Headliner Designer Series 10-Inch Nino with Basket Stand, Vintage Wine Barrel, Matte Review

About the Product

Meinl percussion brings for you, its outstanding Nino drum, which does not only have a great performance and sound but has a very sought-after look. Get amazed with the vintage and matte presentation and the crisp and loud sound.

Basic Construction

The construction and design of the drum is very simple, elegant and has so much of vintage style. It is a deep brown colored finish with a matte look and it does look like a wine barrel. The material of the barrel is Brazilian rubber wood. The Nino head is 10 inches and is made of high quality handpicked buffalo skin. The overall dimensions of the item is 10 x 10 x 28 inches and it weighs around 18.4 pounds. The compact size and light weight of the drum will be embraced by every corner of your home or studio. The manufacturers have worked enough hard to make sure that they deliver high quality durable product. The buffalo skin head is very strong and is accompanied with tuning lugs which measure 8mm and 2mm rounded rings. They also include a basket stand for the drums to be placed on.

Attractive Features

Just a glance of the drum would not be enough to admire the beauty of it, you would certainly want to look at it and test it. Some of its best features are as follows:

  • The first thing that catches the eyes is the way the drum is designed. There are no fancy prints or colors or anything, it is a simple, elegant and unique looking item, the material of which resembles much like mahogany, but it actually is made of Brazilian rubber wood.
  • The finishing on the joints and pastings is very fine.
  • The Nino head, as mentioned, is made of buffalo skin picked by professionals and is very strong.
  • The color contrast of the basket stand and the drum goes well with each other.
  • The sound is pretty sharp, crisp and loud.
  • The stand is robust enough to bear the weight and hits on the drum, and has a very good grip on the floor.
  • The tuners are of high quality and work very well.
  • The stand is light weight, flexible and adjustable, unlike the fixed floor stands.
  • The makers have kept it away from the thick varnish coats that may affect the tone and performance of the instrument.

How does it Fare?

Impeccable performance and a much desired look, strong head and stand, high quality and durable material, rich and voluminous tone, flexible and adjustable stand is what you can expect from the Meinl Percussion HC10VWB-M Headliner Designer Series Nino. It does more and nowhere less than what is expected out of the apparatus. We can vouch on the quality and performance of this drum and you would definitely want to buy more of the similar sets.

Value for Money

Most drums that are available in the market these days ask you too much out of your pocket to own one. But this is not the case with Meinl percussion’s this series. It is priced at a moderate range of $199.99 to $250. Yes, that is it! This is like less than half a price from the very professional congas out there. In other words, this is an amazing deal in such a good price. Additionally, it will be a great addition to the current collection that you may have.

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