3 Inches Copper Cowbell Review

Run, run, run – that same terrible clanging sound – drowning us all within it – pushing us towards the finish line – we all have heard it!

Get ready to experience the same loud sound from a really beautiful classic cowbell from DARICE.

About the product

The three inches copper cowbell is a versatile item which can be used for wide range of tasks from wide range of arenas, as well. From schools to parties to decorative to sports to barbeques – where not? It is a product from DARICE, succeeding the hierarchy of the trustworthy products from it. A small but wondrous item truly stands out. It falls under the category of musical instruments as bells and chimes or cowbells. The divisions and sub-divisions as Drums and Percussion and Hand Percussion respectively.

The name copper cowbell should not be confused with the fact that the very basis of design of cowbell is metal only and not copper. The copper refers to the color. Avoid any confusion, if arose, from this ambiguous name.

Basic Construction

  1. The length of the copper cowbell is 2.5 inches (16.4 cm).
  2. The width of the copper cowbell is 5.9 inches (15cm).
  3. The height of the copper cowbell is 6.2 inches (15.9 cm).
  4. The weight of the copper cowbell is 4.8 ounces (136 grams).

Attractive Features

It provides a wide range of features persuading to look at it, no matter what other options are available for the selector. In this article, a few of the significant features are mentioned below:

  1. It is engraving in nature.
  2. It is extremely durable and looks almost indestructible.
  3. The basic body of the cowbell is made-up of high quality strong metal only, responsible for the durability.
  4. It fulfills the very function required by it to perform – make noise – lots of noise – for the different reasons according to the situation, place and event’s demand.
  5. It is versatile at use for places’ requirements.
  6. As a decorative for craft’s project at school.
  7. As a whistle blower in sports.
  8. As a music additive at parties, wedding and dance floor.
  9. As holiday celebrations.
  10. For backyard barbeques.
  11. As a simple thing to be played by kids.
  12. It is available in plethora of different beautiful and attractive colors – coloring your world as you want – in whichever color you want.
  13. No batteries are required for charging which is a great advantage.

How does it fare

This DARICE product has vanquished its compeers successfully. With the price range it falls within, it is incomparable. Ticking all the boxes of requirements of durability, class, design, sound level, versatility, etc., it is the one to look out for in your priority list.


Costing around 1332 rupees on Amazon, it falls under the price range of 1300 rupees – 1900 rupees, as per different sellers, with free shipping to most of the cities in India. It has extremely positive rating and reviews from the users. It would be an absolute win-a-win situation after dealing to buy this product of DARICE. You do not look to follow any, but this!

Go and get it today! Do not miss out on a chance for it because after buying one, you would be like –

‘Copper Cowbell – We need more Cowbells!’.

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