Gon Bops AA1075SE-KIT-1 Alex Acuna Special Edition 10.75-Inch Quinto with Universal Conga Risers, Polish Cloth and Carrying Bag Review

About the Product

The Gon Bops AA1075SE-KIT-1 Alex Acuna Special Edition 10.75-Inch Quinto with Universal Conga Risers by Gon Bops comes with polish cloth and carrying bag and is a universal best-seller. Crafted carefully with hand-picked North American Ash, this wooden beauty is a gem of a percussion instrument that is sure to inspire the musician in you. A tribute to Alex Acuña, the Alex Acuna Special Edition Universal Conga is designed in the same conventional Cuban shape Alex has been drumming since 1954. The wide-ranging tuning range of this instrument makes this the perfect choice for both studios and live sessions.

Basic Construction

This originally 30 pounds percussion instrument is made of hand-select North American Ash and weighs 35.4 pounds while shipping. It is built to provide an extensive and lean structure that produces deep bass tones. The skin is stretched just enough to produce profound highs. The product dimensions are 17 x 31 x 18.5 inches.  It is built of top-notch hand-picked wood making it not only durable but also light-weight and easily portable. It is shaped like a traditional Cuban conga shape, giving it a sharp edge over the other market products.

Attractive Features

This conga is special owing to its traditional Cuban conga shape, but it also has other significant features that would make you want to buy it:

  • This also has signature Gon Bops side and backing plates.
  • The top-ring belongs to the limited edition California Series tight-profile top ring.
  • The wooden built enables the Cuban shaped conga to naturally amplify the bass tones.
  • This has a gorgeous Ebony stain lacquer finish with custom Remo Skyndeep heads.
  • The hardware package of this special edition Conga is one of its kind.

 How Does It Fare?

Gon Bops’ extensive range of design has myriad attractive features and is a guaranteed performer when compared to similarly priced products in the market. This special edition, hand crafted Cuban shaped Conga is a well-packaged one, making it a worthy buy. The hardware packaging of this product is second only to none. The wooden body amplifies the bass tones and lends a clarity and richness to the quality of sound produced. This product works equally well for beginners and professionals, given its versatility. It will surely get you addicted in no time and the brand also guarantees top-notch after sales service for its customers.

Value for Money

Priced at a moderate cost of approximately $573.48 on Amazon, this exclusive Cuban beauty is guaranteed to leave you impressed and hence a worthy buy.  The price bracket for the product can range from $573.48 to $549, depending on several factors however with free shipping. A used Cuban conga will cost you around $450 to $390 depending on the seller and quality of the used product.

Now, here’s a quick recap as to why you should invest on this one. Firstly, it’s a signature series, which means it is limited edition, so better grab it before you run out of time. Secondly, it’s a typical Cuban shaped conga to bring out the best of the wooden instrument. The sound produced is so deep, clear and rich that it will be worth every penny you shell out. Not to forget that it comes with its own carrying bag and polish cloth making it easily portable and easy to maintain.

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