ADM Student Snare Drum Set with Case, Sticks, Stand and Practice Pad Kit

About the Product

The most affordable way for students to start learning to play snare drums, this kit comes with everything you need to channel the inner drummer in you. This simplistic and pocket-friendly kit is the best one you can get, if you are a beginner. You can play these drums anywhere as the set comes with a clamp stand and shoulder straps too. This stylish set also comes with a practice pad for soundless practice! This set from ADM comes with a gig bag large enough to hold other things apart from the kit. The best part about these drums is that they are super sleek and professional to look at with an exquisite finish, adding to the charm when the drum is played upon.

Basic Construction

The snare drum is polished black, finished neatly with hairline nickel and is about 14 x 5.5 inches. The steel stand goes up to 1.6 feet (19 inches), comes to a maximum 26 inches or 2.1 feet with the drum and weighs 14 pounds. The stand is adjustable, has rubber paddings on the floor and clamps for support. The white shoulder straps are free size, re-adjustable and comfy, fitting anyone between ages five to fifty (or more)! The drum by itself weights about 5 pounds so carrying it using the shoulder trap isn’t much of a headache.

Attractive Features

This beginner-friendly setup comes with a variety of standard features, but owing to the price it comes at, these features are rather unique for the budget.

  • The black portable gig bag is astoundingly large and can fit the entire stand, the drum, the sticks, the dampening keys and a few extra books. It keeps everything balanced to reduce the weight on your shoulders.
  • Made from chrome and nickel, the full-sized snare drum has been suitably constructed for use, right out of the box.
  • The thick heavy rubber practice pad is soundproof and ideal for long durations of practice without annoying others around.
  • The tension rods, lugs and snare wires are of the highest quality which add to the dramatic, muffle-free and resonant effect from the drums.
  • The drum sticks are made from Maple wood and are refined to make them bear maximum tension and pressure.

How Does It Fare?

ADM is a master when it comes to budget friendly high quality products. Hence, their Snare Drum Set is the best option you’ll have as a novice. It is versatile and all the parts are replaceable. Due to its advanced metal lugs, the drum is the best among its competitors for its clean, non-echo sound for studio use. Bottom line, this snare drum is ideal for beginners to practice with and will last you a good amount of years. We will suggest getting it if you’re just starting out, or if you’re on a budget. Nothing beats the bag, which is deceivingly big. Lastly, when it comes to the quality, ADM’s student snare drum is certainly a best-buy.

Value for Money

The ADM snare drum kit has a lot of features but they’re available in every other set too. The point to note here is that this kit comes at a much lower price than the others and yet offers the same or even better quality. For about $94.99, you get a chromium drum, tuning keys, a shoulder vest, the stand, the sticks and even a practice pad. Amazon gives free shipping to almost all states in the country. The set comes with a one-year replacement warranty, which is just for the worst-case scenario. Considering that snare drum rentals start at approximately $75, getting this set is a much better option.

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