Mapex MPX14 inch x 5.5 inch all maple snare drum in natural finish with chrome hardware Review

About the product

If you’re looking for a snare drum that is high quality – this is the perfect product for you. It provides you with a very full and warm sound – something that is better than most snare drums available in the market right now. It’s greatly suitable for all purposes; its versatility is one of its strongest pros. For its price range, this is the best snare drum you can get.

About the design

The shell is made entirely of maple, and it weighs a comfortable twelve pounds. The dimensions of this product are 14 inches x 5.5 inches. The hoops are 2.3 mm and they enable great rim shots, and they’re also very gentle on your hands. It’s best used as a primary snare drum, and it’s perfect for all purposes. The design of the snare drum is top notch as well and it’ll look beautiful in your drum set. The beauty of the light brown of the maple is enhanced by the natural finish, and contrast provided by the appealing chrome hardware gives the product an overall attractive look. 

Attractive features

1) It’s a great all-purpose snare drum, exceptional in its versatility.

2) You can get a limited life time warranty on the shell – so no worries about whether it’s a worthy product to buy or not.

3) It has a modern design and a classy look – it’s an attractive snare drum so you’re as pleased with its look as you are with its working.

4) It makes a deep and full sound. It works very well – in all styles.

5) The snare is super responsive and will respond well to your slightest touch.

6) This snare drum is built to be sturdy and durable – it’s a solid construction. 

How does it fare?

The Mapex MPX14 inch x 5.5 inch all maple snare drum in natural finish with chrome hardware is truly a joy to play. This snare drum will give you a tight and massive sound. It’s also pretty easy to tune so you don’t have to worry about any hassles at all. The great sound, coupled with the fact that this snare drum is versatile in its use and style, immediately makes it a fan favorite. It’s also sure to last you a few good years; it’s not a delicate and flimsy drum that easily comes undone. It is tailor made to fulfil your needs.

Value for money

This snare drum is priced at a price range of $107.99 to $120, which is super reasonable when you consider the high quality the product is made up of. It has excellent value for money as it’s simply not possible to get a snare drum as great as this for the same price. It remains a quality product while still being affordable to people. It retains its superb and crispy sound in different styles of playing – gone are the days when you have to spend a small fortune on an overpriced snare drum for good quality; now you can just buy the Mapex maple snare drum!

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