Tycoon Percussion 12 1/2 Inch Signature Classic Series Blue Tumba With Single Stand

About The Product

This is an exclusive drum product available in the market. The range of sounds and tuning which is produced by beating of the drum takes one in the different soothing world where one forgets everything and enjoys to the fullest. The product proves out to be the best one for live shows, live performances and for the studio purposes. One will definitely be impressed by the efficiency of the performance of the product. And hence without any sort of doubt, it can be said that this product has no other match in the market in matter of quality of the sound and the marvelous construction and craftsmanship.

Basic Construction 

The belly of this drum is structured in an extra wide way so that the tones and sounds which it produces are crisp, deep and high. It is also supplemented which handles which proves out to be extra comfortable and basket stands and various kinds of protectors are also included. Apart from all this, to make this drum a perfect one for you, you can order this in various different sizes in which it is available, according to your level of comfort.

Attractive Features

Given below is the list of such eye catchy features which this drum holds within itself. Take special note of these different and special noteworthy features.

  • The construction of this drum takes place from a much-selected Siam Oak Wood, that too it is hand selected wood. This makes it very special.
  • The belly of this drum is extra wide and is 30 inches tall and this makes the production of sounds very crisp and clap. This makes the surroundings of a good mood.
  • The reinforced side plates are accompanied with 3/8 inches diameter tuning lugs and the backing plates.
  • The head of the drum is made up of a very rich quality calfskin and hence it helps in not sacrificing the crystal-clear sounds. The production of sounds is of a crisp, high pitched and of rich bass tones.
  • The drum is accompanied by single stands, lug lube and the tuning wrench.

How Does It Fare?

Once it reaches your doorsteps, you will just be terribly amazed by this beautiful drum, and henceforth you would be proud of yourself for buying such an amazing product. Upon seeing the performance of the drum and the sound it produces, you will never ever get a chance to regret your decision. This will prove out to be the best product of your choice, available in the market. Hence, don’t look at the price, look at the product, which is being offered to you at such a minimal price.       

The product is so awesome that you can just close your eyes and rely on it. So, don’t let the time slip away from your hands; as not many are left in stock. There’s only a single one left. So, hurry up and order the product; and feel the magic of sounds with which it will fill your lives.