1To1Music Irish Celtic Bodhran Review

Traditional instruments have played a major role in the music industry. Be it the classical instrument table from India or Bodhran from Ireland, all of them have been utilized in different ways by music composers and bands to give perfect blend top their serene brand of music. The 1To1Music Irish Celtic Bodhran along with beater is one such highly influential instrument, which is being widely used now a days to give the traditional touch required in the songs.

Considering the way all other competitors had delivered top notch products, the Bodhran producers were under tremendous pressure to come up with a product which could revive their diminishing demand in the market. And then the company came up with this path breaking product, which not only revived the sale but boosted it above the previous limits. The original goat head skin used in the drum renders it the superiority over all other products. Given the resurge in the demand of traditional instruments, the timing of launch of this instrument was perfect, providing it with the required impetus.

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Basic Construction

The inch Plain Irish Celtic Bodhran, along with beater, is one of the most precisely and supremely shaped Bodhran’s available in the market. Spanning around a diameter of 10 inches, the inch Plain Irish Celtic Bodhran, along with beater is 10.7 inches in length, 10.7 inches in breadth and 2.7 inches in height. The length, breadth and height are absolutely perfect given they are suitable for most of the beginners who want to get some knowledge about the instrument. The quality of raw materials used is top notch, rendering the light weight and making it easy to play. At the same time, there is a wooden holder at the back which helps in holding the instrument. Thus, we can come to the conclusion that inch Plain Irish Celtic Bodhran, along with beater, is a very well constructed instrument.

Attractive Features

The instrument has been produced after extensive research and analysis by the current market leaders in the field. Given that the instrument has revived the sales of the company, this in itself speaks loads about the qualities that we expect from the product. Being a well designed and constructed instrument meant to take the market by storm, here are some of the significant features.

  • The skin used on the Bodhran is the real skin of goat, speaking loads about the quality and sound of the product.
  • The wooden tipper is made of superior quality of wood.
  • Finishing of the product is excellent.
  • There is a wooden handle for good grip.
  • The weight is absolutely suitable for convenient use.

How Does It Fare?

1To1Music Irish Celtic Bodhran, along with beater, is one of the best performers among all the products currently available in the market. Given the use of best quality raw materials and original goat head skin for making of the Bodhran top, there is no doubt over the build of the product. And as it is the case with musical instruments in almost all the cases, good build ensures good performance. It is a winner in true sense, making its presence distinctly felt among a plethora of instruments which are played at the same time. The sound is crisp, clear as well as traditional – all the three qualities at the same time which is difficult to get.

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