Meinl Percussion HE-104 Darbuka Drum Review

Meinl Percussion HE-104 Darbuka Drums are connected to the roots of their land of origin and this is a very nice trait in a world where everything is losing its essence. These Daburkas are the perfect mix of modern and conventional. Its origin is believed to be Turkish and it does do justice to its roots and is very much like the conventional Trukish drums with a deep bass sound. Each Daburka is made out of very thin shells of various metals and thus there lies its uniqueness as each metal provides it with a different kind of sound.

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Basic Construction

These daburkas are built out of aluminium and weigh about 2.7 pounds and have a pretty small size of 8″ x 14 1/2″. The head of the Daburka is neatly protected by external rings which also find use in tuning the equipment to produce varying sounds and set pretty in proximity to the shell, similar to the Trukish style, where its roots lie. Due to aluminium being the basic building material they are pretty lightweight and thus portable. It has a superior finish.

Attractive Features

  • It proves to be extremely long-lasting since it comes along with a synthetic and a replaceable head, which is also good if you want to use other kind of heads to produce desired sounds.
  • It also weighs only around 2.7 pounds and is quite evidently, extremely lightweight causing no inconvenience to the musician.
  • The standout feature has to be the powerful sound projection.
  • It comes along with a tuning key embedded.
  • It has a unique deep full bass, and is also able to produce high-pitched snapping sound and a horde of “doum” and “tak” strokes.
  • Manufactured by the usage of shells of various metals, each metal providing it with a different sound.
  • This Daburka also has a higher pitch and a smaller place to strike the Doum sound, but is still similar to other Daburkas.

How Does It Fare?

This is most suited for children who are learning the art rather but with supervision, as unsupervised usage may damage the drum but can also be used by pros since who are familiar with tuning a drum, as after being tuned it can produce a horde of pleasant sounds and some snapping and “doum” sounds. The Daburka is pretty lightweight and is thus, easily portable. The standout feature has to be the amazingly strong sound projection. They have a pretty long life if handled with care. Also, they produce a wide range of sounds and can also produce very pleasant beats once tuned to perfection.

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