Deco 79 89847 Djembe Drum Review

If you are looking for a reasonable yet one of a kind décor item that could glorify the appeal of your shelves, tables or other dull spaces in your room, then the Deco 79 89847 Djembe Drum, is a good choice.

Not only does it make for a perfect décor item, you can even make it a ‘fun drum’, by playing a few tunes here and there. It has been beautifully constructed and produces a very pleasant tone and a vibrant bass.

It has a gorgeous design carved on its surface and makes for an ideal décor item for your place. Your kids can have a great time by playing with it and it can act as the perfect gift item as well. This versatile product shall live up to your expectations.

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Basic Construction

The Deco 79 89847 Wood Leather Djembe Drum, weighs exactly 3.6 pounds. Its dimensions are 7 x 1 x 16 inches. It is small a sized drum and is widely used in local drum circles.

It promises excellent style as well as quality. The drumhead diameter is an ideal small, meaning it isn’t too small and so you would not have to exercise greater precision with your drum strikes. It is comfortable to handle and feels very light on the lap and you can even use a belt strap with it to tilt it towards the ground.

With premium quality wood and leather used to decorate its outer surface, this Djembe Drum makes an ideal décor item.

Attractive Features

This Beautifully Carved 89847 Wood Leather Djembe Drum, has various attractive features:

  • It is quite versatile – you can use it either as a play drum or as a decorative item for your home.
  • It is ideal for local drum circles.
  • Fit for both adults and children to play with. Children can learn to play simple tunes and trendy beats, and thereby learn a lot about music.
  • If you want a musical home decoration, then this should be your first preference. It is exclusively designed for music as well as home Decor lovers or interior designers.
  • The carved wood leather on the outside makes it an authentic and classic décor product.
  • Portable – The small size of the drum enables you to carry it around anywhere you like, without making a fuss about it.
  • This Wood Leather Djembe Drum has very mild sound and so instrument you don’t have to worry about pestering your loved ones and neighbors, as you practice some trendy tunes.

How Does It Fare?

This product is possibly the best choice in the market due to its versatile nature. It has received a bulk of positive reviews. Its interesting design speaks for itself. It is every novice player’s first preference. The rope tuning system that comes with this drum is perfect that makes it easier to maintain. The Deco 79 89847 Wood Leather Djembe Drum, is a pleasant and natural sounding djembe drum. Due to its ideal size, you would not have to worry about your child getting hurt while playing with this instrument.

In this category, it is the most reasonable product in the market and is also quite popular.

People usually purchase the Deluxe Medium 4″ Wood Frog Guiro Rasp – Musical Instrument Tone Block, available on Amazon for 6.98 dollars along with this Wood Leather Djembe Drum.

With its world class quality and immaculate design, reasonable price and low maintenance it is definitely worth a shot.

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