Nino Percussion NINO-ADJ3-XXS Djembe Drum Review

With stunning and excellent quality, Nino Percussion NINO-ADJ3-XXS Djembe Drum can help you make the most out of your drumming sessions. It has been crafted with good attention towards detail. It can be your child’s next favorite instrument. It is ideal for creating entertaining sounds and engaging rhythms be it at home or in a music room. You can combine a few percussion instruments like this to create a small musical ensemble for yourself. You can choose to play it by yourself or in a group, either way with the African Style Rope Tuned “Earth Series” Djembe your music gigs are bound to be hit. It is an ideal choice for young budding musicians as well as for those who teach them.

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Basic Construction

It weighs exactly 1 pound. It comes in a double XS size and is pretty easy to carry around. Its dimensions are 6.5 x 8.7 x 6.5 inches. It works perfectly well for a decoration as well, as it is really small. The head comes to be about 5 inches across and is about 8 inches high.

This African Style Rope Tuned Djembe is an epitome of superb quality as it is carved from one single piece of mahogany wood. It has nice and tight skin, which enables it to produce robust sound and vibrant tones. It comes with hand selected goat heads and is bound with world class nylon ropes. It has hand carved shells, about 8 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.

Attractive Features

Nino Percussion NINO-ADJ3-XXS Djembe Drum comes with great features.

  • It’s exclusively carved from plantation grown Mahogany Wood, that makes it an authentic item.
  • Its small size enables you to use it as a décor item as well.
  • You can carry it anywhere along with you.
  • It can be child’s favorite past time who would enjoy making music with it.
  • It is designed with great precision, using high-quality nylon ropes, handpicked goat heads, as well as hand, carved shells.
  • It is a traditional form of musical instrument.
  • Great to develop your child’s interest in music, from the ever beginning.
  • This product comes in a panache black and brown color scheme that makes it very attractive.
  • Since the skin is pretty tight and lasts despite being in the hands of a child for long, this item is quite durable.
  • You can use it to play humble tones while meditating.
  • You can even tap it with your fingers while listening to soulful music and the taps won’t disturb your neighbors at all. However, despite light taps, it is still capable of delivering powerful acoustic when slapped.

How Does It Fare?

This African Style Rope Tuned “Earth Series” Djembe, along with state of the art quality and immaculate design is truly one of its kind.It gives a tough competition to its competitors and is constructed from the finest materials only.It has received a plethora of positive customer reviews and proves to be a very popular musical instrument.

With world class durability, this product shall stand the test of time. The African Style Rope gives it that exotic appeal that every musician looks for in their instruments.This product is truly a great choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your next favorite instrument – The African Style Rope Tuned “Earth Series” Djembe, and start practicing some cool and funky beats to bring out the musician within you!

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