6 Best Earbuds That Don’t Hurt

Humming over a song sittle idle or listening to loud, energetic or romantic songs while jogging, there are a few things which can be as rewarding as earbuds.

These little gadgets are the best means to bring out the singer in us while ensuring others aren’t disturbed.

These days it is easy to find the right type of earbuds but an important factor to consider is whether these are comfortable. In this article, we discuss the best earbuds that don’t hurt.

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Our Top Picks

  • Best Earbuds (overall): Jabra Elite 65t
    Alexa compatibility plays a major role in declaring it the best earbuds.
  • Best premium Earbuds: Occiam Bluetooth Earphones
    Its premium look and wireless connectivity with bluetooth make it a great premium option to consider.
  • Best Earbuds (value for money): Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120K
    It comes loaded with all the features of its rivals for a fraction of their price.

1. ROVKING Earhook Earbuds

Call these earbuds from ROVKING as ‘jack of all trades, master of all.’ These earbuds are specially meant for the fitness conscious folks who like spending time at the gym with melodious music to complement it. These are also sweatproof which means the material would last long even after repeated use.


  • Mic for cellphones, MP3, laptop
  • Can fit ears with small size
  • Buttons to change music track, volume, etc.
  • Good quality sound


  • Fancy color options might not be to everyone’s taste

Its versatility makes it a recommendation. It can be used on the go, its hands-free function can come in handy and along with it, there’s the benefit of high-quality sound. The price at which it is offered is the feather on the cap.

2. Spidoc 5.0 Earbuds

Lesser the cables, better the usability. These wireless earphones from Spidoc offer bluetooth connectivity to get rid of dangling wires allowing you great flexibility for your head. Another benefit here is that these earphones will connect to each other automatically every time after setting them once. You can also use only from the pair when you don’t require both. It comes with special ‘Ear Hooks’ which prevent them from falling while you engage in a physical activity in full swing.


  • Long battery life of 7-8 hours
  • Bluetooth compatible with IOS and Android
  • Wireless
  • Can use either of them as per your requirement
  • Range upto 33 ft.


  • Only available in black color

Wireless connectivity makes these earphones easy to use and adapt. Along with its long battery life and range upto 33 ft, it can be used with any device. Its ‘Ear Hooks’ function is a bonus which holds the earbuds intact.

3. Occiam Bluetooth Earphones

These are the earphones to opt if you require quality and extensive usage over phone calls. With a battery life of 48 hours, it makes sure you have enough charge for your everyday work. Its water-resistant material saves the internal components from damage. It is blessed with smart digital fonts to show the battery charge.


  • Premium look
  • Ear caps for the best fit
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Could be available with more color options

These earbuds are perfect if you have to communicate a huge chunk of information regularly. Its wireless connectivity lets you use it anywhere and at any time. The digital fonts and price ticking the value for money quotient all make it a deserving consideration.

4. Jabra Elite 65t

‘Alexa, play jazz music!’ Buying these earphones brings to you the highly in-demand Alexa compatibility. It also gets you a high quality sound to engage in conversations. These earbuds are IP55 rated and come attached with a 2-year warranty. Its sand-resistant components make sure they work fine even after getting dirty. It gets 4 microphones for unfiltered sound making it perfect for daily use.


  • Alexa feature to play any song without any interruptions in your activity
  • IP55-certified
  • 2-year warranty
  • Customise sound through Jabra Sound+ app


  • Relatively expensive

It is because of the high-quality sound and the highly tailor-made Jabra Sound+ app which makes it a great choice. The sand-resistant material and high-quality sound from 4 microphones makes it an all-rounder.

5. Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120K

If price is of utmost priority to you, then these reliable and decently powerful speakers from Panasonic could interest you. These can be used in cars and can be controlled via a remote. A unique feature is that even a very old Blackberry mobile phone can be coupled to these earbuds.


  • Plenty colour options
  • Absolute value for money
  • Gets most of the features the more expensive rivals offer
  • Easily adjustable with any ear size
  • Brand value


  • Wireless option not available

It is a stellar product with all the features that the dearer rivals offer at a really low price making it highly desirable.

6. Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2

Anker is a brand which specialises in making sound instruments. Along with a range of mics and speakers, it also offers this earphone option which could be the best in the market with regards to range. Its AirWings feature automatically adjusts to your ear size without any manual effort. Its solid 100 hour playtime makes sure you get to hear all your favorite songs.


  • AirWings feature
  • 100-hour battery capacity
  • Bluetooth-5 for uninterrupted music


  • Bland appearance

A major reason to recommend it is the 100-hour battery time so that you don’t have to be wary of the charge everytime you use it. Its Bluetooth-5 technology leads to a seamless flow of music without any faults. It is also on the moderate side of pricing which makes it a nice bargain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does it hurt when I put my earbuds in?

The prime reason for this is the way the earbuds are placed. Incorrect fitment or purchasing earbuds of a size not the best for you can lead to pain in the outer ear. Hence, it would be advisable to try out the earbuds before you make your valuable purchase or buy ones that fit all sizes. 

How do you make earbuds not hurt?

There are several ways to ensure that earbuds don’t hurt even after long hours of listening. Firstly, it would be recommended to buy the size that fits you. Secondly, a few devices such as AirPods come with ‘Air tips’ to help you choose the apt size so that you can make good use of these for a considerable length of time. Nowadays, most earbuds come enclosed in the shape depicting the way these are supposed to wear. Hence, take some time to adjust these until they are fixed reasonably tight and in the perfect position as you would desire.

What are good earbuds that don’t break?

There are some earphone brands which have earned a high reputation in reliability akin to Japanese cars. While sound quality is of utmost priority to us, earbuds ought to be reliable for long-lasting use. Some good examples feature:
1. Jabra Elite Active 75t Runner-up made of brushed plastic
2. Beats PowerBeats Pro Best bass
3. RHA T20 (Gen.2) 

Why do my earbuds always break?

There are multiple reasons for the rupture of earbuds. When in a hurry, we tend to violently pull the wires or cords of the earbuds leading to its breaking. This is very common and should be avoided. On certain occasions, we tend to leave our earphones on tables and furniture with the cords hanging. This leads to downward pressure and reduces the earbud’s capacity to keep the wires fixed. Not only is sleeping with earphones injurious to health but can also lead to breaking of its outer material as you continuously change your position while sleeping. The earbuds are sandwiched between your ears and bed leading to their destruction. Water could also be a factor contributing towards this. If your earphones aren’t properly sealed in a case but exposed to a moist environment for long periods of time, its internal system sensitive to water may lead to malfunction. 

What brand of earbuds last the longest?

With a large number of brands hitting the highly profitable earbuds segment, there is a diverse range of earbuds available that are expected to last the longest. These include:
1. TRANYA M10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless earbuds-specially consider if you want great tech at a great price.
2. SHURE sound insulation Earphone SE215 Special Edition
3. RHA MA750(Gen-2)
4. Bose SoundSport
5. SoundMAGIC E10

How do I choose the right size earbuds?

While there are no proper guidelines to choose the right size, here are some advices that could help resolve your confusion:
1. Try the earbuds which are good to look at sound the best for you. It should perfectly fix with your ear at minimal effort and nothing should feel or look loose.
2. Try to evaluate the ambient sound by changing the position of the earphones. The position where this external sound is least heard is the best position and also ensures that the eartip is perfectly connected with your ear.
3. Modern-day earphones come with a feature to adjust the earbuds. Make effective use of it specially during physical activities to prevent fall and damage of these tiny but valuable sound-emitting objects.

What is better wireless earbuds or headphones?

Though earbuds have come a long way in terms of sound transmission, there’s no denying the fact of the dominance of headphones in this regard. These larger and heavier but more powerful gadgets will provide a more enriching experience on the whole. Some options from JBL should be considered if you’re on the lookout for dependable and better sounding headphones.

Earbuds have come as a breath of fresh air against bigger and heavier instruments in recent times. Its utility increases as these can be used anywhere without disturbing others or the environment. However, these are very sensitive to your way of using and duration which is why picking the most ideal pair is important. This article plays an instrumental role in helping you pick the best option according to your budget, brand awareness, reliability and comfort.

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