6 Best Headphones for People with Glasses

If you love wearing headsets, you really do not have to sacrifice your comfortability or feel so much pain to wear them.

Truth is, there are headphones that wouldn’t let you compromise. They do not have to put pressure on your frames or squish them behind your ears. In this article, we would review the top 6 for you. Your ears would thank you for them. They have features that make them perfect for you but the superior focus is on comfortability.

Total comfortability. Let’s get it going.

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Our Top Picks

1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Eagle eyed or not, the wireless Bose comfort II is designed to suit all your ear needs. With a pleasant audio performance and noise-cancellation feature, it has the exclusive power to take you out of a noisy world. Sentimentally, at least.

Now, the gamers would love this one! This Bose model is the ultimate gaming and lifestyle headset designed for prolonged gaming sessions. It features volume-optimized EQ drivers and a noise-rejecting dual microphone system.

These luxurious headphones are made with plush ear cushions and are wrapped in Alcantara® for high comfort even when paired up with glasses. No squishing. Just great sound, smart looks and comfortability.


  • Google assistant integration
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Optimized for Amazon Alexa


  • Bluetooth connectivity isn’t very great.

The Bose QuietComfort II has a great noise-cancelling ability and a beautifully designed exterior.

2. SONY-MDR-1RNC Premium Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Concise fun fact #1. These headphones are a massive representation of “great-on-the-go”. Sony already mentioned its premium Noise-cancelling feature but in detail, it cancels up to 99% of distractive sound. In totality, this is top-notch. 

They are designed with a dual noise sensor technology, a digital sound enhancement engine, and silent silicon rings in its housing joints. Its pressure-relieving cushions are tasked with making sure you are comfortable and its improved acoustic seal brings you eternal thumping bass. That’s definitely a plus for bass lovers.

You can count on good upfront vocals, balanced sound and minimal reverb. Designed by your favorite playstation developers, we know you love to see it. Now it’s time to own it!


  • Incorporated smart sound technology
  • Durable battery life
  • Comfortable, wrap-around design


  • Not compatible with all iPhone functionalities

They are travel friendly and super-comfortable.

3. Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphones

Moving on to review number 3. Look what we’ve got there! A worthy addition to the audiophile world by the developers of the Sennheiser HD 600 model for a truly natural audio experience and maybe an addition of gracefulness to professional studio sessions.

With most of its parts being modular, it’s characterized by velour padding and acoustically transparent open-back earcups, stainless steel-meshed regulators, ultralight aluminum voice coils and a 42mm turbulence and distraction free driver.

Along with your headset, you get a detachable, impedance-matched cable with low capacitance and a premium adapter. If the category is best open back headphones for glasses wearers, then Sennheiser’s HD 600 is in for the win, anywhere, any day.


  • Comfortable headband
  • Great transparent sound 
  • Sleek exterior


  • Light bass extension

These headphones are great for tracking, mixing and monitoring sounds. Sound engineers and music producers would love them.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Closed Back Studio Monitoring Headphones

As an improved model of the ATH-M30x, featuring the coveted sonic signature, the Audio-Technica M50x gives you more. More improved sound. More professionalism in delivery style. More accurate bass response. More goodness.

These wirelessly designed headphones feature detachable cables, a professional grade headband and ear pads as well as proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers. Talking about sound isolation, the circumaural design contours that fully enclose the ears should take care of that.

For this particular product, its pro sound got us. It could be another extraordinary feature for you. That’s okay, but definitely, there should be something great to write home about.


  • Collapsible design to enhance portability
  • 90° swiveling earcups
  • Durable battery life


  • Produces little bass

The ATH-M50x model is good for professional use specifically for listening and analyzing audio recordings.

5. Samson Technologies SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

Samson technologies certainly designed this SR850 model for on-budget purchases. And the good news is that they are as efficient as the pricier competitive models you would come across on the market. 

They are integrated with an in-built acoustically tuned chamber and 50mm drivers to output good sound. On exterior analysis, they are crafted as an over-ear design with a comfortable headband and velour-cushioned earcups.

The natural normal is that less pricey headphones are associated with muffled sound, but allow this set to disappoint you. Surprisingly it outputs crispy highs and punchy bass.

It’s beyond worthy in terms of price maximization and worthy in every other way possible!


  • Great audio considering affordability
  • Self-adjustable headband
  • Lightweight design for comfortability


  • Middle-grade plastic material

Considering its features, they are great for on-budget purchases.

6. Beyerdynamic Dt770 PRO 32 Ohm Closed Studio Headphones

Our last review puts the icing on the cake. The beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones feature a robust spring steel headband with comfortable and soft ear cups.

These headphones have a 250-ohm, 45mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driver, single-sided detachable cable with mini-XLR and are perfect for high-end studio use.

As an edge-cutting technology, the developers create a striking balance between comfortability, construction and distortion-free sound production. Just in case you see a hype trend on these headphones, have no doubts. They are a decent pair for glasses wearers as well.


  • Lightweight headphones
  • Has a bass reflex system
  • Soft and comfortable earcups


  • Sound is most likely to leak at higher listening levels.

Beyerdynamic’s DT 770 Pro model is noted for its clear frequency response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear glasses with headphones?

Glasses can be worn with headphones, without doubt. Advisably, you should go in for an over-ear headphone instead of an on-ear headphone because it is comparatively more comfortable. 
Still on comfortability, the thickness of the temples of your glasses would matter. Glasses with thinner temples are pretty easier to use with headphones. Also, you should make sure you get a properly fitting headphone. That way, you’ll be able to get comfortability and get great audio quality. How does that sound?

How do I stop my headphones from hurting my ears?

Now, that’s an uncomfortable situation. There might be a few things you’ll need to check to curb this problem but generally, glasses wearers should go in for over-ear headphones.
The most basic thing to check is the clamping force of your headphones. If the clamping force is too strong, it might put pressure on your ear cartilage and cause discomfort. To correct this, stretch the headphones out to a wider but firm position to loosen up the clamp. 
Also, consider the thickness of the frame of your glasses. The general rule of thumb for glasses wearers who use headphones is to get glasses with thinner frames.
Additionally, getting headphones with thicker ear pads for extra cushioning is the way to go. You might also want to double check the material your ear cup pads are made out of. For comfort, opt for velour or leather-padded headphones.

Can you wear Powerbeats with glasses?

The answer is yes. First, put on your Powerbeats, then put on your glasses. They should work together perfectly. Powerbeats are well integrated and would be comfortable regardless but depending on the thickness of the temples of your glasses, you might experience a little discomfort. This would apply to using very thick lens frames but otherwise, you have no issues pairing them up.

How can I make my glasses more comfortable behind my ears?

Glasses creating discomfort on the back of your ears? This should mean that the temples are pressing down too hard. The best option is to take them to an optician to get a perfect adjustment fit because they are fragile. 
Otherwise, you could ‘do it yourself’ at your own risk. In order to adjust a plastic frame, you’ll need the application of heat. Run the frame under warm water for a few minutes and slightly bend the curve upwards until you are relieved of the tightness. 
There is a little modification with metallic frames. You do not need to apply any heat. Just bend the curve upwards gently until the adjustment is made.
It could also be the case that your glasses might have reached a stage where you need a replacement.

What type of headphones are good for ears?

Well, there are many different types of headphones but distinctively we could mention on-ear, over-ear and In-ear headphones. Saying either one of them is good or bad would be misleading. 
For each differing type, there are deferring qualities; both positive and negative. Over-ear headphones for example, are great for comfortability and in-ears are great at noise isolation. Your priority and the purpose for which the purchase is being made should help you choose which is good.

Why do my ears hurt after wearing headphones for a while?

The design may not fit your head or ears properly or just maybe you aren’t fitting them properly. With the latter, all you have to do is ensure that you are not wearing them too tightly. If possible, try other headphone designs that would be more comfortable. It is also very important that you check out the comfortability of its padding material as well.
On the other hand, just maybe, you are experiencing the symptoms of ‘listener fatigue’. Listen at a safe volume or stop using your headphones for a short while, ideally for a few days. You do not have to exert pressure on your ear drums. 


Your pick had to be in there but here is something to make your listening experience even bigger. In case you are picking out a new set of frames for your lens, do get one with thinner temples. They correlate even more perfectly. Your whole year would be slightly better! That we can assure you.

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