6 Best Headphones That Don’t Leak Sound

We are lost in memories when we listen to our favorite sound track or any song. It brings back those nostalgic childhood days or simply keeps the love for music going.

As we are constantly interrupted by something or the other slightly taking away from that pleasant moment, more of us have started preferring headphones over other instruments. But which headphones provide the best quality?

This article features the best Headphones that Don’t Leak Sound.

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Our Top Picks

  • Best of Overall : COWIN E7 headphones
    For its great quality of materials, light weight, noise cancelling feature and several color options.
  • Value for Money : SoundBot SB221
    It is priced lower than all its rivals and its scratch-proof and water-proof materials make it a strong buy.
  • Premium : Jabra Evolve2
    Three microphones, mild-lighting effect and memory foam contribute towards making it a rounded product.

1. COWIN E7 Headphones

Know matter how loud the sound is outside, these headphones from COWIN ensure that you only hear the melodious tune of a song. With its noise-cancelling feature, these headphones will reduce even the sound of an airplane to a minimum. Construction work outside? No issues. These can be connected with bluetooth for a 30-hour playtime.


  • High-quality sound
  • Lightweight and easy to adapt to every ear size
  • Brilliant noise-cancelling feature
  • Comfortable talk time
  • Multiple colors


  • Slightly expensive

Its high-quality sound and noise-cancelling feature to provide the best sound on all occasions and at every place is what makes it a great everyday companion.

2. SendCord Ripple

This could be the most unique type of headphones on sale right now. It comes with a bone conduction technology which senses the movements and sounds of an individual’s jawbone and cheekbone and releases the perfect level of sound. This headphone is highly flexible with its curved shape which means you can enjoy listening to cheerful music in the morning reaching straight to the ripple bone while doing yoga.


  • Compatible with all types of devices
  • SendCord function
  • Good battery life
  • Functions to accept/reject calls, turn up and down the volume integrated in the headphone itself.


  • Not as affordable as others
  • Might be a bit small in size

The way it adapts sound based on the positions of the cheekbone and jawbone can come in very handy without having to tweak the volume much. The enriching sound offered while you exercise is a bonus.

3. Jabra Evolve2

If comfort is something that can’t be done away with, then this headphone from Jabra could be the best one for you as it gets a soft memory foam for your ears to listen to music for long hours without any pain. It also gets a noise-cancellation feature to isolate you from the rest of the world while you enjoy the booming sound coming from the 3 microphones.


  • Mild lighting effect
  • Memory foam 
  • Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Cisco, Mitel


  • No bright colors

Its memory foam cushion lets you use these headphones for almost a day without any pain. Its lighting effect along with powerful sound and usability with all meeting platforms makes it a strong product.

4. Sony MDR-Z7M2

Obsession with big brands never gets old, does it? This model from Sony brings with it a sense of premiumness and unbelievable sound quality of upto 100,000 Hz. It also gets a memory foam cushion to adapt to your ears in a jiffy and for long hours of listening to music.


  • Premium brand
  • Memory foam
  • Best sound quality


  • Top-notch but too expensive
  • Could feature fancy lights or more functions for the price.

Its robust sound quality which provides music to the ears is the biggest reason to recommend besides the comfortable fitment it offers.

5. VersionTECH. G2000

Attention, all hard-core gamers! Create the perfect gaming environment around you with these gaming headphones that feature LED lights and noise cancelling sound to enjoy the thrill of arcade. It also supports all mobile and laptop devices along with Nintendo Switch 3D. It also comes with a microphone that rotates 120-degree and can be used to diminish noise levels. It has been ergonomically designed to keep the volume and mute button within reach for fast responses.


  • Meant for professional gamers
  • High audio quality
  • Powerful microphone
  • Low price
  • Vibrant LED lights
  • Sound effects of Car, footstep, shooting and background sound


  • Might take some time getting used to

It creates a wonderful background for gamers with the fancy LED lights and sound effects which makes it a great pick.

6. SoundBot SB221

Let your sweat not wreck your headphones. Yes, the SoundBot SB221 is a sweat-resistant device which allows you 20-hours of music playing and 25-hours of comfortable calling with Phone call accept button and volume controls integrated into the headphone. It has been designed in such a way to perfectly fit your ear size and curl around your neck without any issues. It also gets high performance speakers for uninterrupted sound.


  • Scratch proof material and water proof
  • Commands through SIRI accepted
  • Excellent value-for-money
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Looks ordinary

Long battery life, ergonomic design and capacity to accept SIRI commands make it a fabulous choice. Its scratch-proof and water-proof material ensure lesser wear and tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my headphones from leaking sound?

Here are some DIY tips to improve the headphone’s performance: 
1. The best manner to evaluate a headphone’s sound leakage is to test them at the centre before making the final purchase. Play the audio at full volume and find out if the sound is scattering. 
2. Another method is to use foam for eartips and earpads to prevent sound from escaping the environment as they trap the vibrations.
3. A recent and highly rewarding manner is to use bone-conduction headphones which send sound directly to the ears. This automatically prevents sound leaking.

Why do my headphones leak sound? 

Sound is produced when the drum of the ears vibrates. As the usage increases with time, it leads to wear and tear of the internal components by which sound isn’t preserved and leaks out. This occurrence could also be as a result of loosening of wires or playing music on abnormally loud levels for prolonged time periods.

What are the best headphones to block out noise? 

Options are awash for amazing quality headphones. Some of the examples available are:
1. Beats Solo Pro
2. Bang & Olufsen H9i
3. Sony WH-1000XM3
4. Mixcder E9
5. Bose Noise Cancelling headphones 700
6. Libratone Q Adapt Wireless On-Ear headphones
7. Microsoft Surface headphones (incredibly comfortable ear cups)

How much sound can open back headphones leak?

Open back headphones are generally the ones we get to find from high-end brands. This is because these allow air to pass through the ear cups and liberate pure sound without any disturbances. While the quantity of sound leaking differs from model to model, it is estimated that these generally leak 30-50 percent of the total sound.

How do I fix my leaking headphone?

There are some ways by which you can prevent sound leakage. These are: 
1. Using a smaller driver size: The reason why earbuds aren’t prone to sound leaking is because of their smaller driver size. To ensure every single note is heard, try using closed-back headphones.
2. Transducers have a considerable bearing on sound leaking. It would be recommended to not use Planar Magnetic Transducer as these dissipate a lot of sound energy. 
3.You can make use of foam or gel in the headphone to reduce the loss of sound.

Do noise cancelling headphones block all sound?

Sound is such a powerful force that it can be controlled to a limited extent. We make use of noise cancelling headphones to limit the external or ambient sounds from blending with the sound produced internally by the headphones. However, it is a myth that these headphones completely block all the external sound. These can prove to be effective if the sound frequency is 100,000 Hz. Sounds beyond this level perceived as very loud cannot be blocked by the ‘Active noise cancellation’ feature.

Whether to relax at home, enjoying serene music in cars or to play banging music on party nights, headphones have found a place for all events and occasions. We buy them as they are affordable, portable and provide clear sound eliminating all background disturbances. However, it is very often to go wrong with the selection of these essential objects that we use not only to listen but also to communicate on calls. Hence, it should be analysed if headphones are required or earbuds would get the job done. If headphones are required, a budget should be allocated and the one with the best sound quality and features should be opted for. This article lists out the best options for all needs including professional gaming to simplify your buying decision.

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