10 Best Music Theory Books For Beginners in 2024

We can define music as the one that provides us solace, brings us joy, and helps us in forgetting our sorrows. Even scientists agree that music is a mood-uplifter for a majority of the world population.

Today, however, we’re going to talk about the music-lovers who are willing to take their love for music a level ahead — the amateurs who are looking to pursue music careers or are fond of  musical gadgets.

At the beginning of your journey towards the profession of music, are you finding it challenging to be theoretically-equipped? Fear not, we have listed below ten books on Music Theory that will make your theory-learning super simplified in 2024. Take your pick.

Table of Contents

1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Music Theory

Written by Michael Miller, the book presents all the basics of music theory in a manner that makes it easy to read and understand, even for a novice. The book includes everything from square one of music theory to composing melodies. Reading this book will enable beginners to comprehend other, more complex music-theory books.

2. Music Theory For Dummies

Written by Michael Philhofer and Molly Day, the book presents a non-intimidating outline of everything one needs to know about reading, writing, and composing music. The graphics in the book make it all the more interesting and easier to understand.

3. The Everything Music Theory Book

Written by Marc Schonbrun, the book will guide you towards a deeper understanding of music. It describes very efficiently what it is that makes music music. Simple and easy-to-follow, the book is a perfect guide for an aspiring musician to become a professional.

4. Basic Music Theory

Written by Johnathan Harnum, the book takes us to the world of written music. The language is concise, clear and friendly. The book is a go-to for both the new learner as well as teachers who teach music theory to freshers.

5. Music Theory Essentials

Written by Jason W. Solomon, the book offers an antidote to the music theory textbooks that are lengthy and have a complex language. The book covers the core elements of music fundamentals and comes in handy in interpreting the music theory for professionals.

6. Music Theory Made Easy For Kids

Written by Lina Ng, the book is the finest way to introduce music to your kids. Meant for the age group of 4-7 years, it is a must-have for every child taking music lessons. The book is filled with bright and colorful illustrations to keep children engaged in and fascinated by music.

7. Hal Leonard Pocket Music Theory

Written by Keith Wyatt and Carl Schroeder, this handy book has been rated in the market as the most contemporary music theory book. A guide to theory and harmony for every musician, the book works as a great reference manual as well.

8. The Jazz Theory Book

Written by Mark Levine, one of the most acknowledged jazz masters in the world, the book needs no further introduction. Endorsed by all the major figures in the jazz world, the book contains all the information a jazz-learner might need in a thorough and comprehensible manner. It is prescribed in music universities around the world.

9. Music Theory For Guitarists

Written by Tom Kolb, the book is specially designed for guitarists. The book is a treat for guitarists who have trouble with theory, because of its easy-to-read language and accompanying diagrams.

10. Piano And Keyboard For Beginners

Written by Dylan Green, the book is a guide that explores the steps to be taken by a new learner of piano and keyboard. It talks about piano techniques, keys, scales, theories, and terminologies. Any new learner will find this book indispensable.

Go ahead, folks, buy the book that appeals to you today, and very soon you’ll be composing your own music.

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