Hohner Kids Musical Toys MP483 Ocean Drum

About the Product

Hohner is one of the most top ranked manufacturers of musical instruments in the world. It produces a plethora of instruments including the lesser played ones like harmonica, accordion, melodic and ukulele.

The ocean drum is a relatively infrequently played percussion instrument which makes soothing sounds like the ocean. It is played in a unique manner. You have to hold it by the rim and tilt it by moving your wrist. The metal beads glide over the bottom head and this sound is equivocal to waves hitting the shore. Different sounds and different tones can be made by changing the speed of tilting. Sudden start and stop makes crashing sounds.

Table of Contents

Basic Construction

Length: 9.1 inches

Breadth: 9.2 inches

Height: 1.2 inches

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Colour: Blue or Red

Shipped for free across the US

Attractive Features

  • It makes a gentle sound just like soothing ocean waves. However, it is not too harsh for the ears of the child.
  • The wave like rim makes it easy to hold and play with.
  • It stimulates the imagination and creative skills of a toddler.
  • It teaches the child the nuances of fine motor skills.
  • It is visually appealing and very colourful.
  • It has no rough edges.
  • It is very well made and even after much banging the beads inside will not spill out.
  • It has negligible weight and your toddler will lift it and play with without any effort at all!

How Does It Fare

It is a very well-made instrument and the metal beads and plastic cover is of very good quality. Most parents have called it indestructible. Even after the kids jumping up and down on it, it did not tear apart and nor did the beads spill out. Even people who have reviewed it after months of use have no complaint because it is so well made. So, it has proved to be ideal for kids- since it looks attractive, even if they do not get the meaning of the sound they will play with it as a regular toy.

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