VibeDrum Steel Tongue Drum Review

VibeDrum Steel Tongue Drum produces smooth resonating sounds and is crafted using zinc plating and powder coating. This steel tongue drum is useful for a range of purposes like playing, or meditating as the drum emanates sweet and soothing sounds. It is a musical instrument that can be played by beginners and experts. The performance and quality of this instrument is greatly enhanced and calming which makes it perfect to be added to all types of musical works and collections.

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Basic Construction

This is built with the inherent zinc plating of 100% and the outward sides are designed in a way to protect against the elements of zinc. Further, the power coating on this drum is of uniquely superior quality in which exotic powder is added in a way that the outer side can turn into a different color given the way any light hits this drum. Mallets are provided with the package and the tabs are creates in a way to improvise performance and harmonics when the drum is played alternatively between the two notes.

Attractive Features

  • One of the stunning specifications of this drum is that the sounds provided by it are quite soothing and sweet to the ears. One can use it just to calm their minds or to produce kind of a meditative environment. This drum is versatile in this case and the resonating chamber is made in an elevating manner to help in perk up the music coming from this instrument.
  • The overall weight of this drum is not much heavy and is made easy to carry from one place to another. It is also very slim in its shape so it can be put easily into bags and other portable things.
  • An important fact about this Steel Tongue Drum is that it has been used in Switzerland and Europe during massaging and other healing procedures.
  • This Double VibeDrum is made both for new learners and musicians and that’s why it is pretty versatile in its use.

How Does It Fare?

This simple tongue drum is a lot similar to a singing bowl and the notes produced are also top-rated. It is lightweight, slim, and portable and has been superiorly rated by the earlier users. An instructional CD is also given with the overall package for beginners and the construction of this drum is made stylish and classy. Around 18 notes can be reached with this Steel Tongue Drum. It is built as a two-in-one drum having both high and low scales. One can also perform hexagonal notes in order to increase the soothing sounds of this drum. The quality of sounds is incredible and can be excellently tuned.

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