Latin Percussion Classic Model Tumbadora Review

Latin Percussion classic model tumbadoras were the first wood congas introduced in their times and now, they act as a minimum standard by which other wood congas or drums are judged. The construction and performance of the drum impresses one in the first go. There will be shortage of words when it comes to describe about its efficiency and the craftsmanship. The drum is the best one and one of its own kinds with no other match, which is made available to you at your doorsteps.

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Basic Construction

It is available in two colors, i.e. red and chrome, this drum is inclusive of the natural rawhide head. In addition to this, it comprises of the comfortable curve II rims. Apart from this, the very important thing, that is kept in mind, while its construction is its strength. For that purpose and for providing extra strength to it, the interior upper portion of the shell of the drum is supplemented with a 3-ply shell which has a fiberglass layer and is made of 30 inches of Siam Oak. The basic construction is also inclusive of the reinforced LP Heart side plates with a diameter of 5/16 inches tuning lugs and LP ProCare Shell Protectors. This marvelous and well thought of and planned construction brings to you the best of all the products.

Attractive Features

A customer is attracted towards a product when he witnesses some features in it which pleases his eyes, heart and mind. Then it becomes impossible for him, to control himself for buying that product or anyhow getting access to that product. Such attractive features are not imbibed in every other product available in the market. But, fortunately, the “LATIN PERCUSSION LP CLASSIC MODEL WOOD 12-1/2″ TUMBADORA – RED /CHROME” is not an exception to this fact. There are various marvelous features which are being offered by this drum to its users and such list of the awesome features is as given below:

  • It is available in two different colours namely red and chrome.
  • It has a natural rawhide head.
  • It consists of a reinforced LP Heart side plates with a diameter of 5/16 inches tuning lugs and LP ProCare Shell Protectors.
  • It even consists of comfort curve II Rims.
  • It is inclusive of 30 inches Siam Oak.
  • Also, for additional strength the 3-ply shell with a fibreglass layer is added as a covering to the interior upper portion of the shell of the drum.

How Does It Fare?

The person’s eye never goes towards the price of the product when it is supposed to offer you a wide range of special features. This magnetism pulls you away from the price. Hence, when some out the box features are being made available to you by a product and the product happens to be seem good to you, then, if the range of the product is a bit high also from your expected budget, it never matters. It is an obvious fact that you will be charged with what is being made accessible to you at your doorsteps and especially for the ones which are just terribly amazing. The product is such that you will be left out with no words to describe the awesomeness of the product. The performance and the sounds produced by the drum will never give you a chance to regret your decision. This seems to be the best one out of all such similar drums available in the market. So, it becomes fair enough to get access to this product at the price it is being made available to you.

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