Meinl Percussion ID1BKR Ibo Drum Review

Meinl Percussion ID1BKR Ibo Drum has a brilliant design. Borrowing from the deep musical traditions of Africa, the Ibo drums can make their way into the heart of any musician due to the extraordinary features that it offers. Read on to discover what this Premier Fibreglass Ibo Drum from MEINL has in store for you.

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Construction And Design

The construction of Meinl Percussion ID1BKR Ibo Drum has been made keeping in mind the top concerns of a musician customer. Firstly, the large body of the drum ensures that varied tones can be played on this product. It also ensures ease of usage. Secondly, the material used in its construction, namely fibreglass is the perfect material for a modern user who would be involved in a lot of carrying around of the product.

This material protects against inevitable slippage from hands so that not a single scar or crack can hamper the musical quality of the drum. The drum also has a built it microphone. The flat bottom of the drum ensures that high pitched effects can be reached.  Finally, the glazed black body and the aesthetic shading of reds and yellows makes it a highly appealing buy for any musician.

Attractive Features

  • The sounds for the drum are crisp, clear and highly melodious.
  • The drum surface is smooth that makes it very easy for a skilled musician to bring out varied tones at every turn of the hand.
  • Fibreglass shell of the drum makes it resistant to breaks. You may possibly drop the drum a couple of times, but the fibreglass makes your Ibo drum look as good as brand new each time.
  • The flat bottom ensures that in musical performances, you are able to provide high pitched melodies to your audience.
  • The body of the drum is large enough to give room for varied tones, but small enough to gel with a small acoustic ensemble.
  • The drum shell is resistant to injuries, making the drum highly durable and increase longevity.
  • The beautiful colour palette of the drum provides an aesthetic edge to your performance.
  • The built in microphone hole is an extremely helpful feature in times of proper performances.

How Does It Fare?

The Meinl Percussion ID1BKR Ibo Drum make for a perfect accompaniment to a modern musician who is extremely in touch with the roots of traditional music. Combining modern technology that imparts durability and strength with authentic musical design that imparts colourful melodies, the MEINL Percussion Fibreglass Ibo Drums has the best of both worlds.

The sounds that it produces from its drum body are textured, can be varied in tones as quickly as the fingers of the musician move and are pure and true to hear. In addition, the fibreglass technology provides everything else in the list of concerns for a musician. By making it more sturdy and unbreakable, a musician can now carry his instrument anywhere without hassle. Overall, the drum is a sure shot way to enter the hearts of your audience, by making your performance the most musical and appealing of all.

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