Tzevaot AEOLIAN Hand pan 440hz

About The Product

The Tzevaot Aeolian is an instrument which belongs to the hand pan family. The product is highly rust resilient which is ensured by nitride and nitro carburized instruments, which apart from producing a warm sound, make it highly resilient to rust. Since the product is pretty expensive, the safety of the instrument is paramount, and that is taken care of as it comes along with a secure hard case which is pretty convenient while travelling and also shipping and storage. The hard case in itself has a lot of intriguing properties like resistance to impact damage made with copolymer, polypropylene, UV, solvents, corrosion and fungus. It also has a handle along with a cushion grip for further convenience. The best part is the certificate of authenticity which is present on every product in the form of register serial number.


The Tzevaot AEOLIAN Hand pan 440hz has a pretty unique design. It has a nitride and nitro carburied surface like other Tzevaot products for resilience to rust. It has a diameter of 21 inches and is almost 10 inches high. The case which comes along with the handpan has the measurements 25.5 inches X 25.5 inches X 14.75 inches. The design of the hand pan has been made such that it can easily rest on a lap and thus be played easily without any inconvenience.

Attractive Features

  • The brand Tzevaot specializes in making hand pans and is their niche.
  • Highly rust resilient because of the nitro and nitride carburized surface.
  • Produces varying and warm sounds.
  • It comes along with a hard-high-quality case.
  • It also has a certificate of authenticity with a register serial number.
  • The design makes it convenient to play.
  • The hard case increases the portability of the instrument.

How Does It Fare?

This product is very suited for professionals who have an idea of how hand pans work and how they can be used to produce varying sounds since all the mastery here lies in the hands of the player. The instrument has immense potential but needs the right hands on it to extract that potential. Also it can be used by collectors since the item is very expensive, it is a nice addition to a collection.