5 Ways Music Therapy Is Helping Cure Depression

Music has helped us through the good days and the bad days. It speaks to the soul and it’s no wonder that researchers have found evidence to prove that music is indeed therapeutic! If you don’t believe it then read the following reasons to be rest assured that music is powerful!

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1. Music Brings Out Emotions

Music of different genres can help us realize our innermost feelings and deal with them. Shedding a few tears while listening to a sad song helps us to grieve and gives us a new perspective about what we feel. Sometimes facing these ugly emotions is the best way to overcome it. And what better aid to turn to than music!

Music reverberates you from your suppressed emotions and uplifts you to feel better and light hearted. We all have experienced times when the lyrics of a particular song is too relatable! These songs can help you realize what you’re feeling because of what is being said in the song or the mood of the song. Music is a medicine for the soul. It helps in understanding the deepest parts of our being.

2. Music Heals Ailments

Music has been known to help calm down the nerves of blood pressure patients, especially when they listen to calm and soothing classical songs. Some researchers are also studying the impact vibrations and frequencies have on our body. These researchers have discovered that music can help our body in synthesizing an antibody called immunoglobulin A that strengthens the immune system. Music is also known to relieve stress and reduce the number of stress hormones in our body.

Music therapy has been used by many in psychotherapy and counseling and it has shown positive signs in the overall reduction of anxiety in patients and help in tackling with depression as well

We all have felt the tranquillity of the mind once we start playing our favorite songs, it calms us down and puts us in a better mood!

3. Music Can Relieve Pain

Music plays a crucial role when it comes to distracting people’s mind off of painful conditions. Patients suffering from conditions such as osteoarthritis, disc problems and other kinds of arthritis have experienced a reduction in chronic pain by up to 21% after listening to music, according to researchers. Music is indeed a pain killer for many!

Many operation rooms play music to help both the doctors and the patients. Research has shown that doctors perform better while listening to hip hop or rock music. Patients benefit too as they feel more relaxed and experience lesser pain!

4. Music Brings Out Creativity

Finnish researchers have found that when the brain processes the meaning of a certain song, it is better able to come out of its procrastinating mode and swing into action. There’s a reason why motivational songs are made, they are made to uplift you of your inactive mode and help you realize what is important and allows your mind to work on it!

If you’ve ever wondered whether you have a switch to change your mood and uplift your spirits, playing good music is the right way to go about it. It feels you with motivation and brings out the most creative juices that can help you in whatever endeavor you are pursuing.

5. Play A Musical Instrument

Playing musical instruments requires deep concentration and precision. It can divert your mind into a more creative sphere and significantly reduce the negative thoughts that we may encounter otherwise. Playing an instrument has been known to help depression patients who repress emotions.

Music breaks those barriers and helps the patients understand the deepest feelings through the different tunes that they may play. Music flows through you and brings out the rawest parts of your being. It soothes and it heals.

Music is the best medicine, besides laughter that can help you tackle problems in life, in more than one ways. A lot of research is already taking place, trying to discover what benefits music has on us and how does music change us!

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