Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish Review

Harbor Freight has always been a popular store for percussion instruments. Their Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish is no exception to that. This hand percussion instrument has been specially designed to incorporate a set of 1 and 2 cow bells. The material has been curated quite carefully in order to maximize on the production of sound. The sound quality is amazing as it can produce a lower baritone, along with high pitch shrills.

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Brief Description

There are many facets to this steel cow bell from harbor freight as far as its description is concerned. It weighs around 9.6 ounces so it is very easy to carry around with you. Along with that, its dimensions are 7.8 inches x 2.6 inches x 5.5 inches, so it can be played in any setting. Its sonic quality is quite good, as it easily resonates with the surroundings. The body of this cow bell is made up of pure steel, and it comes with a clapper inside. In addition to that, a nice antique finish has been added with a copper layer over the steel body.

Attractive Features

This Steel Cow Bell from Harbor Freight brings a ton of attractive features for enthusiasts who like their hand percussion instruments customizable. In order to add such customization, the design of this cow bell has been tweaked a lot since its initial production. Still, there are some excellent features that are present in this current iteration. They are as follows:

  • This cow bell comes with a top hanger loop or handle which can be used to mount this instrument very easily. The sonic quality, on being mounted, is also improved to a great extent for this cow bell.
  • The clapper included in this instrument is made out of zinc. This clapper is even looped to produce a rich and vibrant sound inside the instrument without too much effort from the musician. This enables musicians to produce a range of different tones in their instrument.
  • This instrument’s eye has been constructed in a single piece, which gives this percussion instrument a lot of flexibility in terms of use and application. More so, it also helps a musician to make unique textures of sound through this instrument.
  • Due to its steel construction, there is hardly any buzz sound in this instrument. This also caters to musicians who like play in an open setting since it does not interfere with other surrounding sounds.
  • The tuning of this instrument has been done very carefully in its construction, so musicians can easily use this instrument when playing in a band or with other musicians. The sound gels quite easily.

Overall Impressions

This product has been tried and tested in a commercial market. So it is proper to say that Harbor Freight has made quite a decent instrument. This cow bell can be extensively used for professional sessions, as well as in a casual non-recording setting. Its antique copper finish looks great on this instrument, and it also prevents the instrument from getting rusted and thus hampering its sonic quality.

Its mount is quite well made, and you can easily available additional accessories to keep your cow bell in a proper playing position. It only measures 7 inch in its diagonal section, so you can easily expect a large range of sounds coming out of this instrument. In addition to that, the harbor freight website states that this instrument can be used as a casual cow bell in farms and barns as well. This seems like a waste of this product, but it can serve that particular purpose as well.

Value for Money

The Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish is available at Amazon. It can also be purchased through Harbor Freight’s official website. At such a low price point, this instrument is definitely a great option. If you compare this instrument with similar products in its price range, you will see that hardly any percussion cow bell comes close to this product in terms of its quality and build design. Even its accompanying characteristics are pretty amazing. So, if you are wondering whether to purchase this instrument, this is as good as it gets.

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