9 Best Cowbells of 2024 to Suit Your Needs

A cowbell can be used for many things. You can use it for cheering at sporting events, as a return gift at birthday parties or as a musical instrument to make some spectacular music.

If you are looking to buy a cowbell then go through our selection of the nine best cowbells that will suit all your needs in 2024.

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Top Cowbell Reviews of 2024

1. Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish

This seven-inch cow bell is made of steel and has a handle with an antique copper finish.

In addition, the clapper is made of zinc.


  • It makes a loud sound tone that can be heard till a long distance.
  • This cowbell is extremely sturdy because of the way it is made.


  • The packaging might be troublesome for some. Therefore, choose a reliable shopper when you buy this online.

If you want a durable cowbell that has a loud tone then go for this one. Its construction ensures that it lasts for a long time. Also, you won’t have to shell out too much to get one of these.

2. Cowbell with Stick Grip Handle

This cowbell is especially designed to help you cheer louder in all your special events. Be it a sporting event that you are attending or even somebody’s wedding. Cheer a little louder with this cowbell that comes with a stick grip handle bell.


  • As the name suggests, it comes in many colors.
  • It is also available in various sizes-the smallest being 5.1 inch and the largest being 11.2 inch.
  • An area is provided to decorate according to your choice.
  • It can be used easily for all occasions.


  • The 6.1-inch cowbell is very small. This has a very small clapper and does not make much noise. Buy a larger cowbell than this size.

This cowbell is perfect for people who find it difficult to make their mind. They come in many different colors and sizes. This will help you to make your choice quite easily. Also, the long handle makes it easy to hold the cowbell.

3. Rhythm Band Steel Cowbell

Rhythm Band Steel Cowbell made from steel is about 4.5 inches and makes loud sound tones. This is perfect for musicians who are looking to add the distinctive sound of cowbell in their songs.


  • It is durable.
  • The sound is crisp and clear.


  • The outer finish of the cowbell is a little rough and not smooth.

This cowbell is an ideal companion for musicians-both professional and beginners. Some of the things that should prompt you to buy this are –durability, authentic sound and a trusted manufacturer.

4. Pearl PCB6 Primero Cowbell

A high quality product with an authentic sound is how most people will describe PCB6 Primero cowbell from Pearl. This six-inch cowbell is perfect for professional musicians, bands and choirs.


  • A durable product that uses an Argon gas welding method.
  • Superior quality of sound tone makes it perfect for musicians.


  • Due to a high-quality product, you will have to spend a little more to buy this one.

This six-inch cowbell from Pearl is highly recommended for musicians. This will definitely make their music even more noteworthy with minimum effort. It comes from a manufacturer known for its excellence in musical percussion instruments. So, you can easily place all your bets on this cowbell.

5. Copper Cowbell

Copper Cowbell might be just 3 inches but it makes a loud enough noise to drown out everything else in its vicinity.


  • It makes a loud sound.
  • Comes at a really low price.


  • It is better suited for other purposes than creating music.

Cowbells are for everyone and this product proves that. You can buy this product for many purposes. It can be a gift, a calling instrument and so many more. If you want a cowbell just for fun then go for this one!

6. Stagg CB307BK Rock Cowbell for Drumset

Stagg CB307BK Rock Cowbell is a standard item that has minimum amount of fuss but a decent sound quality. It sounds exactly as it should and is meant for drumsets. This 7.5-inch cowbell is going to make it possible for you to recreate many famous songs.


  • It has a design that is suited for drumsets as it comes with a mounting bracket with screw.
  • An authentic cowbell sound tone.


  • A little expensive as compared to other cowbells.

If you are a drummer then you should definitely go for this cowbell. It has all the features that will suit your needs. In addition, it has a black finish and is made from steel. The last point makes it extremely durable.

7. Red Colored Metal Cowbell

Now buy 12 three-inch Red Colored Metal Cowbell at a really reasonable price. They all come in a bright red color to make all your occasions even more lively.


  • They are great for cheering in different events.
  • They are really loud!


  • While the whole cowbell has a smooth finish, it has a few rough edges.

This cowbell is perfect for all kinds of events. Be it birthdays, sporting events or even weddings. If you want something to cheer then do go for these cowbells.

8. White Cow Bells

These white cowbells come in a set of 12 and are ideal for a number of purposes. You can hang them for decoration or even gift them to someone.


  • Can come handy for many occasions.
  • Really inexpensive.
  • It has a smooth outer finish.


  • Cowbells are not much suited for musicians.

If you are looking for a cowbell that can be used in parties or for any other thing you have in mind then you should go for this one.

9. Stick Handle Cowbells

These seven inch Stick Handle Cowbells come in three different colors-white, black and silver. They are best suited for cheering purposes.


  • The clapper makes a loud sound tone.
  • A stick handle makes it easier to grip.


  • This is not suited to be used as a musical instrument but only for cheering events.

There is nothing better than a cowbell at cheering events. With this cowbell, you can make a loud noise and cheer for your favorite team quite easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cowbell made of?

Different parts of a cowbell are made from different materials. The bell and clapper are made from woodcopperbronzesteel or brass. The collar of the bell that holds the bell is made from wood or leather fibres. Some bells also have a plating to give them a smoother finish.

How does cowbell work as a music instrument?

Cowbell is a hand percussion musical instrument that are used in many forms of music. Some of the examples of the same are salsa, latin music, go-go music, Cuban, Caribbean and sometimes even in pop music.

What are clapperless cowbells?

Clapperless cowbells don’t have a clapper attached inside the bell. They are rung by hitting different parts of the bell and damping is done by the hand holding the bell.

What are tuned cowbells?

Tuned cowbells have a clapper attached in the bell and can be easily rung by moving the handle attached to the cowbell.


  • Clapper

The part inside the bell that hits the inner shell of the cowbell to make sound.

  • More cowbell

A famous phrase from a Saturday Night Live skit titled ‘More cowbell’ which that made cowbells popular.

  • Bell

This is the main part of the cowbell. The clapper hits the inner shell of the bell.

  • Handle

The handle is to hold and ring the cowbell.


Cowbells can be divided into two categories-as a musical instrument and for recreational purposes. If you are a musician looking for a good quality cowbell to make some serious music then go for either Pearl PCB6 Primero Cowbell or Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell.

Rhythm Band Steel Cowbell 4.5 is a good choice for novice musicians.

If you want a cowbell for recreational use then go for 7 Inch Steel Cow Bell with Handle and Antique Copper Finish or Various Sizes and Team Colors Cowbell with Stick Grip Handle Bell.

Be sure to go through the pros and cons to decide which cowbell will suit your needs.

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