Meinl Percussion HE-3018 Doumbek Review

Meinl Percussion HE-3018 Doumbek is a high quality, ambient musical instrument with a black body and white detailing carved on it. It was made as an improvement on older, heavier forms without compromising on the musical quality, and perhaps improving on it in stead. It is made with great care and paying attention to small intricacies, and can produce sound that is complex musically and has to be produced by equally complex hand movements.

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Basic Construction

The shell of the instrument is carved from first rate aluminium. The shell lends itself wonderfully and perfectly to sonorous, complex musical sounds. The head of the instrument is synthetic, and can be tuned finely to suit exactly your musical preferences and requirements. Moreover, the head can be replaced when due as well. The height of this instrument is 18 inches, and breadth of the head is an 8.75 inches. The rim sits very supply and adjustably on the head. The entire product, on the whole, is shaped like an inverted vase, with an open conic head situated on a rectangular base.

Attractive Features

  • The product is not as heavy as the models that produce richer sounds, which are directly proportional to each other in terms of music. Therefore, the product proved to be a pleasant surprise to them, and is steadily becoming a force to reckon with in its own line.
  • This product has been curated for all ranges of musicians, and even experts will testify to its superior musical qualities. The music it produces is a joy to both the musician and the listener.
  • This product produces, with ease, sounds ranging from all countries like Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the North of Africa.
  • It is also distinctly portable, and can be easily carried around even manually, which is another huge plus for the musicians who buy and use this product.
  • In addition to being an excellent addition to your gallery of musical equipment, this doumbek looks beautiful, ornate and gorgeous, and will be an opulent aesthetic addition to any space you keep it as well, as well as looking good on you when you play and carry it on you out of doors.

How Does It Fare?

On the whole, Meinl Percussion HE-3018 Doumbek is a very recommendable product, backed by the opinions of experts on this subject, and provides great value for money. It is light, very high in musical quality, and also looks elegant and excellent as it has been carved with great attention to detail, with details on the jet black base colour of the body. It has received overwhelming reviews in favour of it, and is able to replicate and produce accurately a wide range of deep, rich sounds from all over the globe.

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