Remo Ergo-Crystal Doumbek Review

Remo Ergo-Crystal Doumbek is a high-end product of the famous and reputed Remo brand and with this product they just broke another ceiling of creativity and perfection when it comes to designing drums. This product is invaluable since it uses state-of the art technology. The drum is very special for a horde of reasons, the principle one being its sound quality, but along with that it is very lightweight, making it a convenient choice. Additionally, it’s pretty durable and thus is worth the money invested and is good even for a collector. The best part is that it has been so designed that it can withstand any outdoor activity. This very sleek contoured Remo Ergo-drum design based on the conventional and traditional Middle Eastern system of doumbeks.

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Basic Construction

It weighs only 9 pounds and thus, is pretty convenient for a player. The product has a height of 17-1/2″ (inches) and 9’’ diameter, meaning the speaker diameter is 9 inches. The doumbek curves down a bit and the diameter of the bottom is 8 7/8’’. Thus, the design is pretty sleek. Along with this, it has a coloured surface which gives it a very elegant look and is thus, a good choice for a collector and is also durable.

Attractive Features

  • The drum uses state-of-the-art technology.
  • It is lightweight, making it pretty convenient to play anyhow one wants.
  • It is durable, which means it is a sound investment.
  • Is good for any outdoor, drumming activity.
  • It includes a tuning tool, and also an adapter cable, in case adjustment is needed in tightening the skin.
  • The drum is very sensitive and produces great doum, tek and slap sounds.
  • It also has a very nice pitch which makes it even better.
  • The notes that it produces sound very natural and organic, along with a crisp and dry sound with no trace of tininess or plastic.

How Does It Fare?

Remo Ergo-Crystal Doumbek is definitely suited for professionals who have good knowledge of doumbeks and know how to tune one because the drum needs proper tuning for the desired effect and since it is a high-end product, to maximize the satisfaction of the user, one needs its optimal performance. It can also be a really good choice for a collector since, the Doumbek has visual beauty and also produces beautiful sounds of doum, tek and slaps. The tones that it produces sound very natural and also very organic.

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