60 Best Music Blogs to Submit Your Music in 2024

Who doesn’t want their music to be recognized? For that to happen, you need to go through a tedious process of submission, promotion and marketing.

There are a couple of benchmarks that you have to set before sending out mailers to random blogs to gain traction.

Firstly, the blog should align with your genre of music.

Secondly, the blog should be connected to an audience that is genuinely interested in your music, which leads to a strong fan base.

Lastly, segregate the music blogs preference-wise and create a master pitch for your song. This process is very time-consuming, but we wanted to make it a little easier for you with this list of the 60 best music blogs of 2024 to submit your music.

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1. JamSphere

JamSphere is a game-changing indie music magazine run independently. Give a like to their Facebook page and drop the link of your SoundCloud or Reverbnation account. They’ll listen to your music and if it is great, they will feature you in one of their magazine’s articles. You can submit your rock music to their radio, the JamSphere Radio.

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2. Indie Band Guru

Indie Band Guru is a great blog for indie musicians and bands. They offer 4 categories that include artist development management, public relations, press release management and music review feature. As a newbie musician, you may not be aware of what is needed and what is not to catch the public eye. Besides helping your work get fame, Indie Band Guru does take up the role of a teacher (guru).

Indie Band Guru Music Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

3. Stereo Stickman

Stereo Stickman loves to promote independent musicians of all genres and from all over the world. Their services start from $20. They invest their time in listening to your music and truly appreciate it, which is evident in their reviews. They also offer a premium package for $40 in case you need more support. Fill their contact form and drop a link to your SoundCloud track and their team will get back to you.

Stereo Stickman Music Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

4. Guitaa

Guitaa is a top online guitar teacher that many are looking into. Apart from offering guitar lessons, Guitaa also features new artists and music reviews. You can submit your music of genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, country and EDM. With Guitaa being so popular, there is a high probability for your music to get that spotlight it deserves.

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5. Muzique Magazine

Based out of Miami, Muzique Magazine is an award-winning magazine that features music regardless of the genre. It gives your music an international exposure no matter which part of the world you’re from. Another package of Muzique Magazine that you shouldn’t miss is interviews. Their interviews are engaging and read by many. Now you know what you should consider after submitting your music.

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6. Get Em High

You should check out the section of Get Em High‘s music reviews. This blog is run by two natives of Colorado who love music and films. They accept music of all genres but EDM music reviews are widely observed in their website. If you have an EDM work, this blog will seriously get it high.

Get Em High Music Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

7. StepKid Magazine

With over 900k followers, StepKid Magazine pushes your popularity up. This website is known for its short but clear reviews. You can also request for a lengthy and detailed review. StepKid magazine’s followers love it for its insightful blogs and they would appreciate your music if they come across it on their ‘trusted online music magazine’.

StepKid Magazine Music Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

8. TopAfric Music Video

TopAfric cares about upcoming artists. When you submit your music, their team carefully evaluates every aspect including the clarity of the lyrics. Their reviews are compassionate and if your work is good, you can be the next star. They feature your work on their website and online radio station ensuring you get enough recognition.

TopAfric Music Video Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

9. IndieArtistGo

Have any old indie works that you’re thinking to revive? IndieArtistGo is your go-to blog. This blog gets their music reviews written by professional writers and they offer promotions through social media, interviews, reviews and radio. Once you’ve achieved stardom, IndieArtistGo knows how to maintain it by carefully crafting each of your press releases.

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10. Street Wave Media

Street Wave Media is an online magazine and music blog that promotes artists of all genres (including beatboxers). This website has less ads and distractions to make sure its audience’ attention is only on the latest independent music releases. They’ve launched their website a few months ago but their reviews and promotions look too professional to be called ‘recent’.

Street Wave Media Music Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

11. A&R Factory

An award-winning UK based music blog, A&R factory is one one of the most widely used blogs by artists. Demos are very easy to send through and they support all genres of music.

They help you in starting from scratch and have various packages for services like PR, playlist-ing, social media marketing, advertising, consultancy etc. depending on your needs. You can even sell your music online through A&R.

A&R Factory Music Submission Link: https://www.anrfactory.com/submit-demo/

12. Acid Stag

Acid Stag, a decade-old company provides a platform to artists specifically from the electronic music genre, which includes hip-hop, EDM, funk etc. Their website has clear instructions and for every step that you need to follow. They also have a Spotify and Apple playlist exclusively curated for musicians which are updated weekly. They accept submissions through SoundCloud and Press Kit links.

Acid Stag Music Submission Link: https://acidstag.com/about-acid-stag/

13. Abduction Radiation

Abduction Radiation is a very easy to use website that focuses on all genres of music from different eras, and they run it via Tumblr. The rate of conversion is 3.1%, which means out of every 100 songs they receive, 3.1 get approved. Abduction accepts submissions from SubmitHub and discourages any social media interactions whatsoever.

Abduction Radiation Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/abduction-radiation

14. Aquarium Drunkard

An LA-based company that focuses on genres like jazz, funk, folk, garage etc. Aquarium Drunkard has a journal primarily focussed on reviews, podcasts, featured music etc. They accept mails for advertising purposes at aquariumadvertising[at]gmail.com and promotional features and can be reached out for via social media platforms.

 Aquarium Drunkard Music Submission Link: https://beerfortheear.com/contact/

15. Beer for the Ear

This blog is as cool as its name. Run by a guy called Steve Fuller, there are personalised blogs by containing a story about the featured indie song. There are album reviews, live reviews, featured videos and much more. Submissions can be sent via stevemarkfuller[at]gmail.com and Steve can be reached out to via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Tumblr.

Beer for the Ear Music Submission Link: https://beerfortheear.com/contact/

16. BIRP!

BIRP! has been one of the most consistent music blogs that come up with a monthly playlist with 100+ songs by new artists. The blogs contain new music and a community of people that share and spread music. The songs are available on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud and Deezer and accept submissions via SubmitHub as well as physical demo tapes via a post on their P.O. Box.

 BIRP! Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/birp-fm

17. Consequence of Sound

According to the website, they are “the missing link between mainstream pop culture and the underground.” They have various features like new music streams, featured artists, podcasts, album and monthly blogs. Submissions are accepted via the official email submissions[at]consequenceofsound.net.

Consequence of Sound Music Submission Link: https://consequenceofsound.net/contact-us/

18. Caesar Live N Loud

An award-winning and simple blog featuring artists whose music touches the soul, CLnL is a good place to start with. It features new songs, emerging artists, artwork and updates. The unique part is their “mixtape section” and they accept submissions via SubmitHub.

Caesar Live N Loud Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/caesar-live-n-loud

19. Celtic Folk Punk

The name says it all. CFP focusses on a niche audience listening to Celtic folk, punk and rock music. They have been around for 10 years with sections having videos, bootlegs and their customized radio. CFP accepts submissions through their email celticfolkpunk[at]gmx.es. There is a free downloads section on the blog as well.

Celtic Folk Punk Music Submission Link: http://celticfolkpunk.blogspot.com/

20. Disco Naïveté

This award-winning blog is the perfect place for new artists who want to take the next step. Disco was started in Belgium to take music submissions, provide consultancy, and have trusted record label services. They accept submissions from platforms like SubmitHub, HumanHuman and Playlist Push.

Disco Naïveté Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/disco-naivete

21. Earmilk

Earmilk covers all genres of music including hip-hop, hop, dance and indie for publishing in the top metro cities of the world. They accept music entries via SubmitHub and have different sections created in the blog dedicated to genres and type of submissions. Earmilk can be followed on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

Earmilk Music Submission Link: https://earmilk.com/submit-music/

22. EDM Nations

EDM Nations is a very cool blog for EDM lovers to follow. They claim that 900,000 music fans will hear songs shared by them on different platforms via their promotional services. They offer a variety of services with prices from $30, depending on your review requirements.

EDM Nations Music Submission Link: https://edmnations.com/edm-nations-promotion-services/

23. FACT

FACT is a huge online and offline publishing platform that has over 50mn views. They provide a profitable platform for artists associated with them and have sections like mixtapes, videos, curated playlists and music tech-related feed. Promotional or music submissions are to be sent at promos[at]factmag.com.

FACT Music Submission Link: https://www.factmag.com/about/#contact

24. For the Love of Bands

To find the right set of ears for your underground rock band, For the Love of Bands is the go-to spot. They have an easy interface: To up your Spotify game, you can submit your songs using their website, or you can submit your track to their YouTube playlist which is updated monthly.

For the Love of Bands Music Submission Link: https://fortheloveofbands.com/submit/

25. Gorilla Vs Bear

The unique thing about Gorilla Vs Bear is that they post Polaroid photos of every artist featured in their blog. They write about and give shout-outs to music from all genres and create mixes with new songs every month.

Gorilla Vs Bear Music Submission Link: https://www.gorillavsbear.net/about/

26. Drunken Werewolf

Drunken Werewolf is a UK-Based music review company that focus on EPs, live reviews and albums reviews since 2005. They have clearly stated the guidelines that one has to follow for submission on their email tiffany[at]drunkenwerewolf.com and support all kinds of music genres. They are firm believers of empowering indie artists and keeping the platform unbiased.

Drunken Werewolf Music Submission Link: http://www.drunkenwerewolf.com/contact/

27. Little Indie Blogs

LIB is one of the most sought after indie music blogs and is recommended by Hype Machine. They have a detailed guideline regarding the submission process and they accept via SubmitHub, as well as their email littleindieblogs[at]gmail.com. LIB has daily, weekly and monthly columns where they feature the best track of the mentioned timeline. The kind of music LIB accepts is in the form of singles, EPs or albums and requires a Spotify/Youtube/SoundCloud link of the same along with social media handles.

Little Indie Blogs Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/little-indie-blogs

28. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle accepts a wide genre of music and has applications on Google Play as well as iOS for ease of access to content. They upload top quality content reviewing songs every day in detail and accept submissions via SubmitHub, which was created by one of their members. The best part about their website is the clean interface and smooth access to songs.

Indie Shuffle Music Submission Link: https://www.indieshuffle.com/pages/about/

29. Indie 88

Started in the year 2013, Indie 88 was Canada’s first station specially dedicated to indie music. Their website is dedicated to everyday stories related to pop-culture and indie music along with reviewing and promoting the music submitted to them. Indie 88 says“Make enough noise, and we’ll find you” regarding music submissions to their email submityourmusic[at]indie88.com. They stream top-notch indie music on the radio from the submissions they receive and keep paying tributes to musical legends.

Indie 88 Music Submission Link: https://indie88.com/submit-your-music/

30. All Music

The name says it all- All Music covers any genre of music that you can find. Their data regarding submissions is stored via TiVo, so the products to be reviewed and promoted are sent via content.music[at]tivo.com. The songs are rated on a scale ranging from 1 star to 5 stars, depending on the criteria of selection. Interestingly, they accept online and offline submissions of books, music, movies and games.

All Music Music Submission Link: https://www.allmusic.com/product-submissions

31. High Clouds

A holy place for indie lovers to submit their art to. These submissions are not free of cost but cost only 50 cents. They accept singles and videos via SubmitHub and EPs/LPs via HumanHuman and cover emerging as well as reputed creators. High Clouds has been in the top 100 review blogs since 2016.

High Clouds Music Submission Link: http://www.highclouds.org/music-submissions/

32. Hearya

Hearya is again here to empower indie artists. They are a community of music lovers that review albums and provide free mp3 downloads. They also record live sessions and are based in Chicago. Hearya accepts submissions via SubmitHub.

Hearya Music Submission Link: http://www.hearya.com/contact-us/

33. Gas Mask

Gas Mask is a digital magazine cum blog that has segregated genres of music on their blog, with each section having fully reviewed songs by new artists. Genres like pop, R&B, indie, alternative and folk are covered. They charge $10 per submission with a guaranteed A&R rep responding and proper toolkits for promotion along with other features.

Gas Mask Music Submission Link: http://www.gasmaskmagazine.com/artistsubmissions

34. Indie Music Life

Indie Music Life, as the name suggests, acts as a medium of promotion between you and playlisters, YouTube channels and record labels. You can directly submit music through SubmitHub. Their website is currently under maintenance, but functional to some extent.

Indie Music Life Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/

35. Kings of A&R

KOAR has won several awards and recognitions including being in the top 10 list of music blogs consistently for more than a decade. They have been applauded by CNN and Billboard, and claim to have profiled musicians like Katy Perry, 21 Pilots, Lady Gaga, Gotye and many more. Music is to be sent to Dean[at]Kingsofar.com after fulfilling the rules of sending.

Kings of A&R Music Submission Link: https://kingsofar.com/contact/

36. EQ Music Blog

Launched in 2005 in London, EQ Music Blog is again one of those gems that are respected and sought-after. They focus on electronic pop music and have a great history of launching top artists and innovating in the music blog space. EQMB accepts submissions and campaign proposals at eq[at]eqmusicblog.com.

EQ Music Blog Music Submission Link: https://eqmusicblog.com/about-us/contact-us/

37. AudioTox

AudioTox is a music review blog that accepts a wide genre of music including hip hop, pop, rock, electronic, alternative, EDM and indie. They accept submissions via SubmitHub and have a conversion rate of 3%.

AudioTox Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/audiotox-com

38. High Five Four

High Five Four has a simple and powerful blog that focuses on reviews and essays of music from various genres. They accept submissions “Every 2nd Sunday to Wednesday” only via SubmitHub. They have a conversion rate of 6.9% and have a radio show called “The Mix Tape Radio Show”.

High Five Four Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/high-five-for

39. Hip Hop Wired

For all the Hip hop artists aspiring to make it to the scene, Hip Hop Wired is the place to come to. They have the latest updates regarding the hip hop world and also have a newsletter as well as a song review section dedicated to this genre. They accept submissions through editors[at]hiphopwired.com.

Hip Hop Wired Music Submission Link: https://hiphopwired.com/contact/

40. Louder Than War

Want to go out loud and give your rock career a boost? LTW is the place to land. With review options for singles, EPs and albums alongside having a new artists block, they ensure you get the reach you deserve. LTW advise you to contact the writers who have reviewed a band that resonated with you. The email of the chief editor handling submissions is simon[at]louderthanwar.com. They have live reviews, music interviews and much more.

Louder Than War Music Submission Link: https://louderthanwar.com/contact/

41. Found

Found is a basic and “easy to navigate through” review website that has music reviews, interviews and mood playlists. They take submissions via SubmitHub only where they have a niche fanbase of people who listen to the songs regularly.

Found Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/found

42. I am Tuned Up

I am Tuned Up, as the name suggests, is ready to take in your soulful tunes from various genres. They review albums along with singles and concerts and accept any queries and submissions through their email iamtunedup[at]gmail.com. The best part is that their website is always updated and they have a podcast as well.

I am Tuned Up Music Submission Link: http://www.iamtunedup.com/contact/

43. Indie Pulse Magazine

For all the aspiring indie artists looking for a magazine to get a career boost from, IPM is the right spot. With features like music education, featured artists/bands, featured albums, videos and indie labels, this elaborate and useful magazine is simply amazing. They have educational resources for artists and have online radio segregated into various genres. You can even partake in the events they are affiliated with. To submit music through indiepulsemusic[at]gmail.com or reach out to their P.O. Box.

Indie Pulse Magazine Music Submission Link: https://indiepulsemusic.com/contact/

44. Indie Underground

Indie Underground is a Canada-based music blog that focuses on empowering indie artists belonging to genres like alternative rock, pop, house music, disco, R&B and much more. This music blog was started by Aaron McMillan and submissions are accepted via info[at]indieunderground.ca. Besides, Indie Underground had a curated Spotify playlist, interviews and much more to explore.

Indie Underground Music Submission Link: http://indieunderground.ca/

45. Mix it All Up

Mix it All Up, as the name suggests, has all genres of music and photo galleries along with music-related updates on their website. They review music in the form of singles and albums and take up love reviews as well. They are based in the United Kingdom and accept all submissions and requests through mixitallup1[at]gmail.com, SubmitHub and HumanHuman.

Mix it All Up Music Submission Link: http://mixitallup.com/contact/

46. Music Boombox

Music Boombox is a US-based music blog that focuses on music genres like Alt-rock, R&B, some rock genres and Hip Hop. They update news, post reviews of songs, have a radio and accept submissions through

info[at]musicboombox.com. They have strict guidelines about music genres and need a SoundCloud link or an MP3 file for singles that you plan to send.

Music Boombox  Music Submission Link: https://musicboombox.com/submissions/

47. Popjustice

Popjustice is a website that believes firmly in protecting the reputation of pop music and musicians. They have been around since 2002 and look for OG sounding pop music. Popjustice has an interesting music submission process directly on its website with details. Every Friday they post a review for new music.

Popjustice  Music Submission Link: https://www.popjustice.com/p/sendmusic/

48. Rap-Up

Rap-Up is an award-winning magazine for rap and hip-hop music advertisement, articles, news and reviews. If you have works that you are highly confident about, then you can send it to their submission box on their website.

Rap-Up  Music Submission Link: https://www.rap-up.com/contact-us/

49. The Music Ninja

The Music Ninja features new music from a variety of genres like indie, folk, rock, acoustic, electronica, hip-hop and much more. They accept submissions in any format, preferably links on their email blas[at]themusicninja.com and even take offline album submissions. They feature “artist of the month”, have various playlists and even merchandise.

The Music Ninja  Music Submission Link: http://www.themusicninja.com/contact/

50. Twangville

Twangville has manifested their love for alt-rock, indie, rock, country and folk music into a blog for 15 years. They feature reader’s reviews, music reviews, weekly playlists and much more. They take submissions through their email requests[at]twangville.com. They have an interview panel called “Why it Matters” and a hand-picked playlist updated weekly.

Twangville Music Submission Link: https://twangville.com/requests/

51. Xttrawave

Xttrawave has a plethora of music genres that they review through their blog, and provide packages relevant to the music review and promotion that you seek. These packages range from $5-$15 depending on what suits you. They also have listicles and blogs that can be used for reference by artists and music enthusiasts.

Xttrawave Music Submission Link: https://xttrawave.com/home/submit-your-music/

52. Stereofox

Stereofox is a cool-looking blog that has articles, singles, albums, artists and playlist from a wide range of music categories. They help music lovers in finding and creating the best playlists. Currently, Stereofox accepts music submissions only via SubmitHub and have other details on their page.

Stereofox Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/stereofox

53. Xune Mag

Xune Mag is an online music magazine that primarily focuses on music reviews, playlists, interviews, live reviews and video reviews of music from many genres. They are recommended by HypeMachine and also updated Spotify playlists weekly as per the submissions they get. The submission details can be unlocked on their website by following the steps they recommend.

Xune Mag Music Submission Link: https://xunemag.com/submit-music/

54. The Word is Bond

TWIB was started to give the right exposure to underground hip-hop and experimental genres of music. They feature albums, mixtapes, podcasts, videos and much more. You can directly submit the link to your music along with details to the submission box.

The Word is Bond Music Submission Link: https://www.thewordisbond.com/wib-submissions-beta/

55. Sing Out!

Sing Out! has been reviewing and publishing journals on folk music and related genres since 1950. In the current times, SO magazine along with a team of amazing editors and freelance writers review music, review music that their audience can sing along to. You can submit songs for review and on-air play to their P.O. Box 5460, Bethlehem, PA 18015-0460, USA by following the guidelines on their website.

Sing Out!  Music Submission Link: http://www.singout.org/submit.html

56. Soundsphere

Soundsphere is a UK-based music blog cum magazine whose soul is “Alternative” in all caps and they gravitate towards darker, grungier songs. They have very decent statistics when it comes to submissions on SubmitHub only. They have a loyal, niche audience that follows playlists, interviews, live reviews and news.

Soundsphere Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/soundsphere-magazine


USMAG has been a reliable source for all underground hip-hop and independent musicians for 20 years. The submission process is very simple, you have to fill in some details along with the required links to your work. They feature crisp reviews of songs, videos and photos and feature both interviews as well as podcasts.

USMAG Music Submission Link: https://ugsmag.com/contact/

58. Unheard Gems

As the name suggests, the hidden and undiscovered music is brought to the face light by Hannah and her team of editors from all across the world at Unheard Gems. They accept all genres of music via SubmitHub and feature exclusive interviews as well as curated playlists.

Unheard Gems Music Submission Link: https://www.submithub.com/blog/unheard-gems

59. L.A. Record

L.A. Record is the one-stop place for all the music news in L.A. along with interviews, record reviews, live reviews and photographs since 2005. They highly recommend all communications and queries regarding music submissions be sent to their email fortherecord[at]larecord.com and actively focus on reviewing music in and around Los Angeles. They take vinyl submissions as well for album reviews.

L.A. Record Music Submission Link: https://larecord.com/contact-la-record

60. Indie Rock Cafe

This last music blog had to be for indie artists seeking music reviews and recognition. Indie Rock cafe review albums, songs, videos and have “hot playlists”. They have a free submission option, along with packages ranging from $19-$39, depending on your needs and urgency. This blog was started by a group of publicists in 2007 to find and encourage gifted artists.

Indie Rock Cafe Music Submission Link: https://indierockcafe.com/submit-music/

To sum this all up, these 60 blogs are for artists with different requirements and capacities. So, choose the right pick, go ahead and kick-start your music career.

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