50 Handpicked Music Promotion Services At Fiverr That Will Rock Your Career in 2024

Many people say that Fiverr isn’t the right place to promote their music and is full of low quality gigs that don’t deliver.

Maybe their past experience wasn’t good enough (or a complete disaster) and if that’s the case, I don’t blame them.

But the thing about fiverr is – there are a lot of great gigs at bargain prices that can do wonders to your musical career. But you need the time to find the gold nuggets.

For those of you lazy bums who don’t want to explore and research fiverr, we have handpicked these music promotion services and can vouch for their efficacy.

So, in this article, we’ll be presenting 50 music promotion services of 2024 from fiverr that will deliver guaranteed results in a short time.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Please Note: As the gigs mentioned in this page are bought frequently by buyers, it is possible that some of the gigs are not accepting new orders at this time. Thus, it is recommended that you save this page (or bookmark) so that you can revisit those gigs later.

Table of Contents

1. Spotify Promotion To a Global Community of 1 Million Musicians

Rmckein is a digital music promoter from Macedonia and he can offer the services of a full-fledged agency at the price of a freelancer. His preferred medium of promotion is Spotify as it is the most popular audio streaming platform worldwide.

He has a massive reach of around 1 million musicians and hundreds of popular playlists which have listeners all over the world. The basic package will be active for 5 days while the premium package will be active for 15 days.

If you’re looking for rapid growth, then rmckein is the man for you.2

2. Send Your Music Out To 2500 College Radio Stations

This service is provided by Apollo, who has a ton of experience as a former college-radio DJ and a music promoter thereafter. Over the years, he has created a network of music directors and DJs who are active in the college/non-commercial radio scene.

If you think your music is something that college students would love, then he’s the guy you need to contact. He has 3 different packages, each with a different price and reach. The basic package has a reach of 200 radio stations while the top tier package will promote your music to 2500 music directors and radio stations, out of which 750 will be international.

3. Play Your Music On Radio New York Live (250K Active Listeners Daily)

New York Live is one of the most popular radio stations in the United States with more than 250,000 daily listeners. This is your chance to get featured on this station by taking the services of Maurizio.

He has worked for more than 28 years in the radio industry and has earned quite a reputation for himself. Another excellent feature of his service is that he promises single day delivery, meaning your song will be on New York Live radio on the next day after your purchase.

The basic package will play your song 8 times after every 3 hours for 7 consecutive days, while the premium package the days are 28.

4. Spotify (100K to 2M Audience) + Email Promotion (5000 Emails Daily)

This service is provided by elokaozo, who goes a step further than promoting your song on Spotify. Not only will they promote on Spotify, they’ll also send emails to 5000 DJs and Spotify music curators who’ll further diversify your promotion strategy.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to promote from 100,000 listeners to a whopping 2 million, if you go for their premium package.

5. Promote It On Apple Music (5M to 250M Audience)

Nathan_tucker provides this terrific promotion service where you can reach potentially up to 250 million people. He uses apple music as the streaming platform and takes a holistic approach to promote your song.

He’ll use many music-related websites and forums such as Mashable and MusicJam to along with social media advertising to deliver your music to a far wider audience.

6. Get On The News Websites (100 to 300+ Outlets)

Gracewilliams91 is a promoter from India who’ll not only promote your music but also serve as your PR manager. Once in her hands, you can rest assured about your music’s promotion.

She’ll write an article or an interview based on your profile and submit it to many renowned publication websites and forums. You can choose to go for 100 websites in the basic package or 300 websites (including premium websites) in the premium package as per your budget and convenience.

7. Get A Dance Video Made To Promote Your Music (90 Seconds to 300 Seconds)

Tim is a professional dancer from the US and has an interesting way of promoting your music. He’ll create a full HD dance video to go with your song and you’ll be the sole proprietor of that video.

The cheapest Ruby pack has 90-second video while the most expensive Diamond pack has a 300-second video with many other bonus features.

Ricardo AKA twittmarketing is a Portuguese promoter who’ll use either Soundcloud or Spotify to promote your music. Ricardo will add your song to either 1 or 2 playlists for up to a month depending upon the package you choose.

These are relevant curated playlists with a genuine audience that will display guaranteed results in a relatively short span of time.

9. Promote Your Youtube Video (1M to 3M Audience)

Canva91 is an SEO expert from Sri Lanka who uses various digital marketing techniques to promote your music. He can reach up to 3 million people via his promotional methods on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and Google+.

He has over five years of experience and is a member of several music-related social media groups which will give a massive boost to your songs.

10. Get Your Track Viral On Soundcloud (Up to 15000 plays on Soundcloud)

If getting more plays on Soundcloud is your target, then Lakymusic is the guy you should hire. He has a massive subscriber base on Soundcloud which he can use to promote your song and get it recognised.

He is a social media expert from Sri Lanka whose primary focus is to get your song viral on Soundcloud. He also offers a 100% money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied.

11. Promote Your Music In 5 Music Forums (10K to 50K audience)

This service is provided by paokdz and is quite unique in many aspects. Instead of promoting your music directly, he’ll share your music on five of the most popular music forums worldwide.

Collectively, these forums have hundreds of thousands of followers for all the genres. Your music will be brought into the notice of some of the most hardcore music enthusiasts who’ll not only listen but will also help in spreading it further.

12. Play Your Romantic Song on Radio Love Live (250K Active Listeners Daily)

Maurizio AKA radiostreamlive is a promoter from Italy who has a whopping 28 years of experience in the music industry. This service is particularly for romantic songs and will feature them on one of the most popular radio stations in the world “Radio Love Live”.

This radio station has nearly 250K active listeners on a daily basis and is an ideal platform for promoting a love song. You can choose to air your song for a total of 3 hours per day for 7 to 28 days as per your budget.

13. Promote Your Itunes Music On Musicpremiers Instagram Community (10K to 50K Audience Size)

Gleb Sergeev AKA edmupdaily provides this service where he promotes your song using a targeted ad campaign on Apple music. He’ll create a post which will be targeted towards a specific audience and he’ll also share this post in a newsletter to the most active subscribers.

This service generates organic growth which has a conversion rate of 1-30%. With the basic package, you can expect a range of 10000 people who can go up to 50000 if you opt for the premium deal.

14. Promote Your Music To Over 180K People On Facebook

This service is provided by alancariani324, who has a lot of contacts who are big names in the music industry. These contacts include music magazines, record labels, A and R scouts who’ll share your music on their Facebook pages.

These pages have a combined audience of more than 180K people. With so many people who’ll be listening to your music, it is a great chance to broadcast your music on a wider scale. For the premium package, he’ll also run Facebook ads for your songs.

15. Promote Your Mixcloud Mix To A Network of Over 1 Million Music Lovers

This is the second service in this list by rmckein. This time he’ll use a different technique, by instead of choosing Spotify or Soundcloud, he’ll go by Mixcloud, which is another booming streaming platform.

You have the potential of reaching close to 1 million people if you decide to go for this service. Not only this, he’ll also share your music to his subscribers via email newsletters and social media posts which might be quite helpful in creating an online image of your music and personality.

16. Play Your Hip Hop, RNB or Rap To Thousands Of Radio Audience

If you’d like to promote your songs via radio, then dtongsports could be the guy for you. He has contacts with some of the most popular radio stations all over the world which will play your songs multiple times a day.

There’s a social media bonus as well as he’ll also promote your music on Twitter and other platforms. In the premium package, you’ll have access to twitter promotion, a 30-second intro and radio promotion.

The best thing about dtongsports is that if he likes your song, he’ll continue to promote it without any extra charge.

Stepkid is one of the most popular music magazines in the world and in recent years its popularity has reached newer heights. This makes it an ideal platform for music promotion and that is exactly what wandbiz will do.

He’ll write a well-crafted description of your song and you which he’ll promote on the stepkid magazine.

If you go for the premium package, he’ll write a description of nearly 400 words with links and images and also a youtube embed.

Freddybriones is another promoter who’ll promote your music on Spotify. Through his contact, he’ll get your song included in some of the most popular and actively growing playlists.

The range of the subscribers of these playlists is from 3500 to more than 10000, which varies as per your budget. The service is valid for a month which is enough time to get your song in the limelight if it finds the right audience.

19. Yet Another Radio Gig With Thousands of Listeners

dtongsports is back on this list with another terrific gig. This one is quite similar to the first one that we mentioned with his personal online radio station called D tong Radio.

This channel is active on some of the most popular streaming platforms and will garner you around thousands of listeners combined.

Just as the previous gig, dtongsports will continue to promote your song if he ends up liking it.

20. Promote Your Music With a Tik Tok Dance Video (Up to 50K views or more)

The rise of TikTok has been nothing short of meteoric as it is now one of the most prevalent mobile apps in the world. This makes it an awesome platform for music promotion.

Rebecatomescu is a professional dancer who’ll create a dance video on your song and upload it on TikTok. You can go for a video length of 15 seconds to 1 minute as per your budget.

If your music is more into Christianity and gospel related then this service might be the best for you.

Devine Jamz Gospel Network is the name of the company that provides this service. They take a multi-pronged approach when it comes to promotion by combining social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), posters with written content.

They’ll even do a video promotion in the premium package.

22. Organic Youtube Promotion + Keyword Research (1000 – 9000 views)

Yo2promo is a promoter whose primary mode of promotion is youtube. If you have a cool music video that you think deserves more videos then you should contact him.

He uses Google Adwords platform which contains real ads and campaigns. These ads will put your music video suggestions and related videos to a music loving audience.

For the premium package, he’ll perform keyword research and promote your video to 9000 music lovers.

23. Play Your Rock Music On Radio Rock On With 150K Active Listeners

If your music falls into the category of rock or metal music then promoting on a dedicated rock radio would be a great idea. And this is precisely what Maurizio will do for you.

He’ll promote your song on Radio Rock On, which is a famous rock radio worldwide having a listener base of more than 150K.

This service will ensure that your song plays every 3 hours on the radio for a total of 8 times a day. The number of days is 7 to 28 which depends on your budget.

24. Add Your Track To A Curated Playlist with 20K Listeners

Streambeet_ will add your song to a massive curated playlist on Spotify which has nearly 20K followers.

This is a great service if you consider the price and the delivery time which is only 2 days, you can even get a 1-day delivery for a small extra fee.

For a single purchase, you can expect your song to be on the playlist for a week.

25. Reach Out To 100 Music Blogs For Placements (Only Pitch)

Botanical_ is a veteran music marketer with a bunch of contacts in the music industry. These include several music-related blogs, websites and playlist curators.

He’ll pitch your song to these blogs and playlist curators and tell your story, and ensure that your song gets placed in at least one of them.

For the premium package, he’ll also throw in a mailing database and ad campaign.

26. Feature Your Music On Stereo Stickman (up to 40k social media music fans)

If you have a gig lined up in the coming days and you’re wondering how to get the audience to turn up in huge numbers, then you should contact ramconstok. He runs a popular music website called Stereo Stickman which has massive daily traffic and he’ll promote your event over there.

He’ll continue to do so until your big day arrives. Furthermore, if you pick the premium option, he’ll write a detailed article with photos, links and a youtube embed, and also promote to his 40000 followers on social media.

27. Feature Your DJ Mix On Electronic Music Blog (+ newsletter with over 1K subscribers)

For those of you who are into DJ mixes, this is the gig that you have been looking for.

Will promote your DJ mix on a trendy DJ music blog that covers a whole range of music genres, including house, techno, EDM etc. He has more than 7 years of experience and his services are relatively easier on the pocket.

For an extra fee, he’ll send a newsletter via mail to 1000 of his most avid music enthusiast subscribers.

28. Get Real Beatstars Followers On Your Account (100 – 300 real subscribers)

Beatstars is one of the fastest rising music communities online where music producers can buy and sell beats. Alexeyaschenko provides this service where he’ll provide real subscribers, not bots, on your beatstars account.

These people will actively engage with you and will like or comment on your songs as per their preference. The number of followers you can get is between 100 to 300 which depends on the type of service you choose.

29. Get Interviewed On a High Traffic EDM Blog With A Homepage Slot (Reach over 1 million people)

This one is for those who want to get featured on a trendy DJ music website and related blogs. Owston will make sure that you get featured on a famous music website and can also get you an interview if you want.

For the premium package you’ll also have the options of video embed, an interview customised as per your choice and promotion across 10 of the most popular music blogs.

30. Play Your Rock Music On Northern Pirate Radio

Pearljam9 is a RJ and hosts an evening show on the popular rock radio station called Northern Pirate Radio. This radio has thousands of daily listeners and he’ll use his show to promote your song.

It will be helpful for both if you play Grunge, Alternative and Classic Rock or similar genres as the radio is technically for rock music. During the spotlight section, he’ll play your songs and talk about you and your songs to his audience.

31. Get Contact Lists of Music Blogs (and Media) to Promote Your Music

If you’d like to promote your music yourself but the only thing that you need is the people who to contact, then beseiredt is the guy for you.

He has compiled a list of contacts in the music industry which includes their email addresses, their social media profiles, phone numbers and ranking. In the premium package, you get access to all the lists which include music blogs, magazines, record labels and event organisers.

32. Get A Professional Music Review Written (Over 250 music contacts)

If you have a mixtape or a song that falls into one of HipHop/R&B/Classic Rock/EDM/Pop/Caribbean categories and you want a press release written about it, then this is the service you need.

Mppromo will write a professional press release for you which will bolster the chances of getting featured in a popular music magazine such as MoHiphopblog, MidwestFleetDjs and StraightOfficial.

His package also includes a list of more than 250 music contacts.

33. Get Your Songs On a Tidal Playlist

The Jay-Z owned Tidal is one of the latest music streaming platforms which is rapidly gaining popularity among the public. He’ll add your songs to his personally curated playlist which has thousands of followers on Tidal.

All of these plays will be organic and you’ll be paid royalties each time your song is played. You can add up to 6 songs for up to 2 months using this service.

34. Get Added To a Napster Playlist That Matters

This is another service which will get you featured on a popular playlist with thousands of followers and will earn you royalties.

The only thing different is the platform, which is Napster. Waxcastlez will feature your song on his playlist and on a random premium playlist if you go for the most expensive package.

If you want to end up on a genre-specific playlist, you’ll have to go for the premium package.

35. Promote Your Music On Reverbnation (500K to 2M users)

Musicpromos uses a different way of promoting your music. He’ll use ReverbNation which is another trending music website and is quite popular in the music community.

To get you the desired exposure, he’ll promote your project to his Hyper-active list which has more than 500K subscribers. He’ll also share your project with his fan base which is close to 2 million people.

The duration of this promotion service is 5 to 29 days depending on the package you go for.

36. Get Your Last.fm Page Perfectly Optimized

Last.fm was once the leading music website and still, it has millions of daily visitors. If you have a music page on last.fm, then this is a great opportunity to promote it.

Insight_out provides this service where he’ll write a cool bio for you along with some great photos and edit the tags so that you appear in the searches more often.

For some extra bucks, you can also have the option of getting comments and votes on your photos.

37. Promote Your Music On Shazam (Potential 10M to 50M audience)

Petuas_fedri uses Shazam as the primary source of promotion for your music. He works with a team of promoters who use multiple channels including social media and other online techniques for making you visible to the masses.

Using his services, you can reach an audience of up to 50 million which will lead to more views and plays for you.

As we all know that Amazon music is one of the fastest-growing music streaming platforms in the world and this a great opportunity for promotion on this platform.

Gustavosantos89 will add your song to a trendy Amazon Music playlist with thousands of followers which will guarantee a dramatic increase in the number of plays for your song.

You can add up to 4 songs which will remain on air for 2 months.

Edmupdaily will use Beatport which is another popular website for electronic music. Edmupdaily happens to own a bunch of popular charts on Beatport and you can get featured on one of these using his services.

In the basic package, your song will be added to a chart with a bunch of popular other songs, whereas if you go for the premium package, they’ll create a new chart where your song will be the first one.

40. Get Your Songs Added To Deezer Playlist

If you want to promote your song on other platforms except for the mainstream Spotify and Soundcloud, then Deezer is a brilliant choice. Gustavosantos89 owns a few playlists on Deezer which have thousands of followers and daily listeners.

He can add your song to his playlist if you choose his service. You can add 2 to 4 songs which will remain on air for 2 months.

41. Get Interviewed On iHeart Radio (or Get Your Song Played)

iHeart Radio is one of the most famous radios in the world and this is your chance to get interviewed or get your song played over there.

Tvproducerchic will play your song on one of the shows on this radio for the basic package. In the premium package you can get an hour long interview or get three of your songs to get featured on the radio.

42. Pandora Music Promotion For Music Your Track (50K to 200K audience)

This is another social media promotion service that will get you and your songs recognised by hundreds of thousands of people.

Kevin_haley2 will use targeted ad campaigns on leading social media websites and other music platforms so that a wider audience is made aware of your music.

This service comes with unlimited revisions and the promotion is done based on a specific genre.

43. Audiomack Music Promotion

We have already featured rmckein on this list before and this time he’s back with something different up his sleeve. This time he’ll use Audiomack, which is one of the leading music distribution platforms, for promoting your music.

Your songs will be made available to thousands of active music enthusiasts for up to 10 days if you go for the priciest package.

44. Promote Your Mixtape To A Huge Network on DatPiff (100K to 1 M audience)

Rmckein is back with yet another service and another different platform which is DatPiff this time. He is active on several social media platforms and has a combined follower base of almost 1 million people.

These people have signed up to receive newsletters and updates regarding new music and your songs could be in the ones that he promotes.

This is a great chance to get recognised by music enthusiasts who are always looking for new music to try.

45. Get Your Mixtape Uploaded To DatPiff, Spinrilla and Audiomack

If you want to promote your music on multiple platforms then acehalf is the guy you need to contact. He’ll promote your mixtape with up to 12 songs on three different platforms which include DatPiff, Spinrilla and Audiomack.

All of these are some of the most popular among the music community and collectively they can get you an insane amount of recognition.

This service has unlimited revisions and comes with single-day delivery which is quite amazing.

46. Get Your Song Reviewed On Bandcamp

Online reviews are one of the best ways to get new listeners. If they read a positive review, the chances of them listening increase drastically.

Here, caynug will be of great help to you. He’ll write a positive review for your music on Bandcamp which is a popular music website. You can get either a single song reviewed or you can go for the premium package which includes up to 5 albums.

47. Submit Your Music To The Best Blogs (1000 to 2000 music blogs)

Alexeyaschenko is an SEO expert from Russia and he has a ton of contacts in the music industry in the form of music blogs and websites.

He’ll share your music with up to 2000 music blogs which will put you in the eyes of many music enthusiasts.

As a bonus, he’ll also throw in a list of his music industry contacts which includes, blog owners, radio jockeys and others.

48. Submit Music To Record Labels For Professional Release (Up to 2000 contacts)

If you’re looking for a record label to sign you up and release your music officially, then swordkillah can help you with that. He’ll pitch your music to a list of more than 2000 A&Rs and record labels as per your genre.

This will dramatically increase the chances of you being signed up for a professional release. In the premium package, he’ll also help you with your bio and give you a list of interested record labels.

49. Get Professional Feedback On Your Music

In case you think your music has something that it lacks or there is something that you can make better about it, then you should contact firewalk.

He is an experienced sound engineer and might have some valuable advice for you. He’ll give detailed feedback on your music about every aspect and provide constructive criticism.

Using his advice, you might be able to make a better version of the song which you already have.

50. Promote Your Music On Soundcloud (100K to 500K Subscribers)

Artistway_pro is a Russian promoter who uses Soundcloud as his preferred medium. They have more than 11 years of experience and approximately 500,000 subscribers on Soundcloud which serves as a perfect audience for any kind of music promotion.

Alongside Soundcloud, they’ll also share your song on various social media platforms and blogs to further enhance your reach. You can expect to reach 100,000 to 500,000 people depending on the package you choose.

Musicians are always on the lookout to promote their music. From social media to word of mouth marketing, they resort to all kinds of techniques to reach out to people and display what they’ve got.

Many times these attempts succeed and the song becomes an instant hit. While on other occasions, the results might not be so fruitful. Especially in this day and age of intense competition, finding the right audience for your music is quite important.

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