Nino Percussion NINO44 8-Inch Sea Drum Review

If you are looking to motivate the musician within you, then Nino Percussion NINO44 8-Inch Sea Drum with Synthetic Head, should be the ideal choice.You may imagine yourself relaxing on a beach, as you immerse in the sound of the sea waves. Now go ahead and pick up this drum and sync in your melodies with those of the sea’s.

This one of a kind drum is played by rocking forward and backward. It not only produces the melodious of sounds but also helps in creating an enthralling display as the beads within the drum follow this motion.It creates rolling and tossing wave sounds, and is possibly the best choice in the market. It is crafted with great precision and care and it can bring the sound of the sea in the palm of your hand.

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Basic Construction

It is constructed with careful attention towards details. It weighs precisely 10.9 pounds, and its dimensions are 8 x 8 x 3.5 inches.

This product is not only light weighted but also comes with an ideal size. It has an 8-inch rubber wood outer frame along with pre-tuned synthetic heads. This interesting product has hundreds of very tiny metal balls which are enclosed between its two clear Mylar heads.

Attractive Features

What makes this Sea drum the ideal choice? Take a look at some of its most attractive features.

  • It creates soothing sea sounds that are just too relaxing.
  • You do not have to be an expert to play some melodious tunes with this instrument.
  • It comes with a pre-tuned synthetic head.
  • It is extremely light weighted.
  • If you hold the drum horizontally and turn it slowly, you can create the sound of waves flowing in the sea.
  • Striking the sea drum, helps you create crashing sounds.
  • If you hold the drum vertically and then strike the heads, you will have created a more traditional drum sound with a rattle for a variety of intriguing effects.
  • Your child would love to play with this sea drum.
  • You can choose a number of mini steel balls you put in it (due to the sealable filling port) thus helping you regulate the tunes you create.
  • This product comes with two heads – one is a clear synthetic one and the other is a Meinl True Feel synthetic head. This way you can always choose between 2 completely different timbres within the same drum.

How Does It Fare?

Due to its uniqueness and authenticity, it is a great choice for you. It is constructed of the finest materials and its durability makes it an ideal music instrument. This light-weighted sea/ocean drum works well even if you are not an expert when it comes to drumming.

It is reasonably priced and worth investing in. People often prefer buying the Remo Spring Drum Thunder Tube – Stormy Graphic, 2.32″ for 8.14 dollars, to complement this sea drum.

It has received satisfactory customer reviews and is definitely the best bargain in the market!

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