Remo 2.5×16 inch Fish Heads Ocean Drum Review

There are companies which look for innovation to make the life of the musicians easier. And if there is a company which has been founded by the musician himself, he will definitely look for ways to make the task of tuning and maintaining the instrument easier for his folks. Remo, the company founded by drummer Remo D. Belli is definitely the pioneer of this theory.

The company which gave the world PET film and Mylar drum heads has always been looking for better options and this drum is no exception. The product has been launched with the intention to test the effectiveness of new technology and make the work of musicians simpler. The replacement drum head that the company has launched is definitely destined to be a winner in the market. Let us have a look at some of the top qualities of this drum.

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Basic Construction

A company which has the tag of ‘innovator’ never lags behind in the terms of construction. The company has been the pioneer in the field of using innovative materials for making of the drum head and this product is a careful extension in the chain. This drum does have the 16-inch diameter which it promises.

The most attractive feature of the drum head is that it has been made to suit the requirement of all type of drum bodies. The company has been innovative when it comes to the material but it has also made sure that the legacy and prestige of the company remains intact. So, from the angle of basic construction, the 3.5-pound This is definitely the product that you have been searching for since a long time.

Attractive Features

Some of the most attractive features of the instrument are as follows:

  • The drum head is double sided, giving it the feature of an ocean wave.
  • It can be used for soothing as well as rocking sounds.
  • Metal beads have been used inside to create wonderful sound effects while shaking or tilting the drum.
  • The body of the instrument is carved out of a single, solid piece of mahogany wood. This provides it the desirable quality and strength.

How Does It Fare?

If you are looking for a giant in the field of drum heads in terms of performance, I am delighted to tell you that you have come at the right place. This drum is definitely one of the most cheaply priced drum-heads available in the market in the given category. However, there has been no compromise in terms of performance and what that means is that the build has been superior.

This is one of the best ocean drums in its class. You will not be satisfied with any other drum head once you use this exceptional material from the house of Remo. The drum gives nice sound and is a delight for the purists. However, this sweet and crisp sound has not come at the expense of solidarity.

This drum is very strongly built and has got the capability to withstand rough handling. The durability of the product is also excellent, making it the go-to option for all the musicians out there. So, we can conclude that this Drum is the drum head that you have been looking for since long.

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