Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell for Drum-set Review

About the Product

If you are looking for a cowbell that would fit perfectly with a drum-set, then Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell is perfect for you. It is a versatile product, so you can use it to play all sorts of rhythms, be it salsa, punk rock or even Latin melodies. It’s designed with precision and so it does justice to its purpose. It doesn’t sound like a high-pitched toy and it is compact enough to fit in a small bag. It has received great customer reviews online, and so it definitely serves a good deal at a reasonable price.

Basic Construction

This Rock Cowbell is 7.5 inches in size. It is built of steel and comes with a mounting bracket and screw attached. It has a durable black finish. The Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell weighs 1.6 pounds and it has a length of 9 inches, breadth of 5 inches and height of 4 inches. The mounting hardware helps in setting it up easily with your drumset. Thus, the basic construction of this Rock Cowbell is beyond satisfactory.

Attractive Features

This product is known for its durable hardware and it serves its purpose right. It has various prominent features that make it a tough contender in the market. Not only is it cost effective, its sound and quality make it attractive and desirable. Take a look at some of its significant features:

  • It is versatile with the way you can use it – you can choose to either clamp it to your drum set, or use it hand-held due to its perfect size.
  • It is also versatile with the sounds it can play – you can use it to play different sounds such as funk, rock or other desired rhythms.
  • Due to its durable black finish, you can easily try to paint it in a different color and give it a new look.
  • It has a pleasant crisp tone.
  • Since its sound is not at all unpleasant, you may even be able to use it for counting for Colorguard.
  • You also have the option of altering the tones by changing the stick pressure or even by exchanging stick ends.
  • It is a great bargain for your standard rock music playlist.
  • A cowbell holder would complement it greatly.
  • It can also be easily attached to a percussion stand.

How Does It Fare?

As compared to other Rock Cowbells it fares well in the market, due to its unique and sturdy design. It can be used by drum players who are beginners, and it is perfectly suited for drum players at an advanced stage in their career. It has many attractive features and delivers the best of its quality. It is the perfect tool to help you take strides in your drumming career. Its versatility and quality make it stand out among its competitors.  If you are looking for a revolutionary design at a reasonable price, Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell, should be your choice. If you are not so much of a drummer yourself, this Rock Cowbell can serve as a Christmas gift for your drummer friend.

Value for Money

You can find the Stagg CB307BK 7.5″ Rock Cowbell at Amazon for around $9 to $15 dollars. Although it is only shipped within the United States, it does qualify for free shipping in most states in America and you can choose the expedited shipping option for faster delivery, during checkout.

You can easily find used Rock Cowbells for a much cheaper price, but only new ones guarantee excellent quality. You may even find smaller sizes in the same category if that is the requirement.

This Rock Cowbell is the best deal in the market as other Cowbells for Drum sets are usually much more expensive. Its superior quality and steel finish make for the best bargain in the market. It is truly every drummer’s dream!

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