Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells with Wood Strikers Review

These conical shaped bells are authentic to the African Gankogul tribe and have been popularized by leading pioneers in the world of music. The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells with Wood Strikers impart an air of Brazilian beauty to your musical symphonies. Frequently these Agogo Bells with wood strikers also bring along dual toned bells to usher about variations and harmonious melody to your usual drumming sessions.

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Basic Construction

The bell is a conical structured or you can also say a truncated cone shaped musical instrument that is painted with a layer of steel. The two cones are linked via a bent steel and a steel that has undergone welding to form a double coned musical instrument producing baffling harmonies. It weighs around 11.2 ounces only and is extremely convenient for usage by the musicians.

The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells are in totality 13.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches in dimensions. The mallet might become a bit flimsy to use for the beginners but gradually as you get comfortable with it, you realize it has the most convenient design for your usage. The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells also comes together with a light weighted wooden striker.

Attractive Features

  • This is an extremely light weighted tool that lets you carry it around conveniently and not become an over bearing hassle on the musician.
  • The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells player system utilizes a wooden beat or a stick that touches or beats the bells. Apart from this, the bells between the two conical structures can also be made to clash thus producing harmonies. This is done manually by hand.
  • Its sturdy construction enables it to be durable for a long period of time without wear and tear.
  • The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells allow you to perform on the tines of Samba and Mambo both.
  • Offers special sound effects to enable the gifted musician to scale to new heights and bring variations in his tune.
  • It produces symphonies like no other Agogo bell and if you are an artist who appreciates the amalgamation of various sounds together in one instrument, this product needs to go down in your music ensemble right now.

How Does It Fare?

Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells with Wood Strikers can be used to produce harmony with the use of a wooden beat as well as the manual usage by clinking the two ends together by use of force. These features also make it fare well in the market.

The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells with wood strikers has been designed in a way to bring forward the best melodies that you can produce in the Samba and Mambo genres. Customers who have brought it are also satisfied with the sound quality and ease of the Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells.

Value For Money

The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells with Wood Strikers can be bought from sites like Amazon. Depending on the sale season you could bag this product at even lesser. The sound quality and variations possible are great attractions. The Suzuki AB-200 Agogo Bells hold good value for money and are sure to make you a proud musician wherever you go.

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