Latin Percussion LP231A Agogo Bells Review

Latin Percussion LP231A Agogo Bells are made up of a good quality of gauge steel for good sound quality. Latin Percussion LP231A Agogo Bells is one of the most common amongst LP products. Their volume ranges from medium to loud with a good timbre. These bells are an advanced version of the original ones and are manufactured in Africa.

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Basic Construction

It is made of high quality steel and the black plaiting done on bell’s exterior gives it an excellent look. The model number is LP231A and it weighs around 1.6 pounds, which is not that heavy and hence makes it portable. The bells are connected by U-shaped handles which are made up of steel. Rods are fitted inside the bell to enable it to emit high quality sound and the product has an everlasting quality as it is made up of solid material. It is known for its solid construction and its timbre is bright and uniform.

Attractive Features

  • It is made of strong high-quality steel.
  • The weight of this bell makes it suitable for shipping to various locations.
  • The product enjoys a high demand among customers who trust it for their quality.
  • The dimensions of the product are 5 × 12 × 2 inches.
  • The ASIN of the product is DOO22IR86.
  • The product has just been made better since 2005 when it was first available.
  • When these bells are hit with sticks, they produce authentic sounds which are fun to be played with.
  • The tonal range is uniform and loud enough.

How Does It Fare?

This product is one of the most bought product when it comes to buying the finest quality Agogo Bells. It is made of the finest materials and therefore it finds a good market amongst the customers. It lives up to their expectations in terms of quality and is one of the most trusted product.

Value For Money

Latin Percussion LP231A Agogo Bell is worth the price as it is made up of high quality of steel which lasts very long and is versatile and durable. The customers find the price to be good enough and rate it as a good LP product. This product is very conveniently available in the market at discount prices from time to time. On the whole, the product enjoys a good reputation in the market amongst different LP products.

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