Waltons Handcrafted Celtic Cross Bodhran Review

Walton Bodhran is the name to look to in the field of handcrafted Irish instruments as they have made a name for themselves with excellent quality. The sheer quality and manufacturing brilliance of the instrument are the one’s which have turned it into a famous entity. Hence, the company makes sure it does everything to justify the name it has made for itself. Waltons Handcrafted Celtic Cross Bodhran is another addition to the classic range of Bodhran’s manufactured by Irish makers. The main feature of Walton Bodhran is the quality of woods used and use of original goat skin for the face of drum. This instrument carries the tradition too as it comprises of both the qualities.

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Basic Construction

The construction of Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument is top notch, rendering it the required performance. With a length of 15 inches, breadth of 13.1 inches and height of 3.5 inches, the instrument looks perfect in size. To cap off the constructional masterpiece, the Bodhran weighs just 1.6 pounds, making it very easy to carry from one place to the other. The quality of raw materials used for the construction of the instruments is exemplary. Hence, it can be concluded that the construction of the instrument is top notch.

Attractive Features

The Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument has been produced to solve a problem which was not solved yet. There was no suitable Bodhran for the beginners to begin their training. With the availability of this instrument, the recurring problem has been solved. Let us have a look at some of the top-notch qualities of the product.

  • The diameter of the face of the Bodhran is 12 inches, making it suitable for the use of beginners out there. The build of the instrument ensures that the sound of the instrument is absolutely traditional to match your demands. The sound produced is absolutely tonal in nature.
  • The Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument includes a hardwood beater in the package. The beater is of high quality and suits the instrument.
  • The head of the Bodhran decides the quality of sound it produces. To ensure top quality of sound, the Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross).
  • The skin is 2 ply goat skins to suit the requirements of the user and give the best possible result.
  • The product is backed by years of goodwill and trust of the makers, making it an absolute choice.

How Does It Fare?

Walton Bodhran is the company to look at when it comes to solving the Bodhran related problems. Continuing with the tradition of problem solving, the Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument is the new messiah for the new comers. For the beginners who want to get hold of the basics of this instrument, it is the perfect model to begin with. The large size of the face assures that hitting it is not a tough job anymore. The body of Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument is made up of hard wood, rendering it solidarity and durability. The head is made up of goat skin to take care of the tones and sound that is produced. The performance is of top class and will send the audience into frenzy. So, in terms of quality of sound, durability and strength, the instrument is perfect for the beginners. Hence, I will instruct you to go for the instrument to set the tone for a successful career in playing the instrument.

Value For Money

Value for money is an important parameter when you finalize on which product to buy. The Waltons Handcrafted Celtic Cross Bodhran  certainly comes out as a true winner in this category too. Given the quality of the product and price of the other competitor products, the Waltons Bodhrán 12″ (Celtic Cross) – Handcrafted Irish Instrument is obviously the instrument to go for. At this price, it is a real coup. So, make sure you have it within your safe custody before stocks are over.

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