Trinity College TB-2 Irish Bodhran Review

If you are looking for something different, then Bodhrans are for you! Bodhrans are a traditional Irish frame drum. They date back to 19th century. A popular Irish folk instrument, you will love playing it.

This Trinity College TB-2 Irish Bodhran has been exquisitely crafted. It has a 100% natural white goatskin head and comes with tacks, this gives it a genuine finish. It has a dark green rim with twin crossbar support which is a standard in authentic Irish music. It also comes with a polished wood tipper.

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Basic Construction

It weighs 2.5 pounds and is 18 inch in diameter. Its product specifications are – 19.3 x 18.9 x 3.9 inches. Materials used are multi-ply dark green hardwood rim and white goatskin head. The wooden rim is laminated. It also comes with a polished hardwood tipper.

Attractive Features

It has some attractive features which make it a great buy.

  • The head is made with natural goatskin material which is weather-resistant and is fastened with tacks. This gives it a traditional Irish Bodhran look and feel.
  • Material used for the rim is multi-ply dark green hardwood rim. This material makes it durable and sturdy. The wooden rim is also laminated.
  • It comes with a polished cream coloured hardwood tipper.
  • Comes with a twin crossbar support.

How Does It Fare?

It is made with excellent quality goatskin and traditional tacks are attached. It has a crossbar at the back for more support. It produces clear and powerful sounds. The Bodhran also comes with a tipper. Dark green plywood on the rim looks beautiful and is also sturdy.

Value For Money

If you are a pro or just starting out in the world of Irish music, then this Bodhran is the perfect instrument for you. Hurry up and buy one now!

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