Latin Percussion LPA611-AWC Conga Drums Review

LPA611-AWC Conga Drum is a part of the royal hierarchy of percussions from the brand, Latin Percussion. The brand enables the instrument to be played so as to retain its ‘distinctive feel‘ of sound. It has received a special recognition award from the International Latin Music Hall of Fame for contributing immensely to the music industry for more than 40 years. Therefore, you can blindly trust any product from this reputed brand. It will not disappoint you. This product falls under the category of musical instruments as Congas, Quinto’s & Tumbas type with Drums & Percussions and Folk & World Hand Drums as its subordinate categories. Whether hobbyists, beginners and intermediates or professionals, it suits all.

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Basic Construction

The classic barrel shape is adorable, with its rhythmic origins in Cuba and Africa. The basic construction of this product is as mentioned below-

  • Length – 29.3 inches
  • Breadth – 16.7 inches
  • Height – 15.6 inches
  • Weight – 26.4 pounds

Attractive Features

There are numerous attractive features of this product but the most important ones are mentioned below:

  1. This LP Conga Drum is tunable and thus, the pitch and tonal variations can be conveniently made.
  2. It has a Rawhide head with the strong and one of the highest quality woods, Siam Oak as its base body material.
  3. The LP Aspire side plates are black powder coated.
  4. The head is of 11 inches and 28 inches tall.
  5. It also includes the tuning wrench with the purchase.
  6. The finishing touch to it makes it appealing.
  7. The color it is available in Natural & Chrome are absolutely stunning.
  8. The Aspire side plates are equipped with tuning lugs of 9/32 diameter.

How Does It Fare?

This product from LP is just incredible. Beating its contemporaries in all the recognized arenas of durability, style, sound and material quality, this conga drum has truly stood out unbeaten, winning hearts from drummers. You do not have to think twice before choosing it. It has proved itself over and over again.

Value For Money

Latin Percussion LPA611-AWC Conga Drum is available on Amazon with the added advantage of free shipping. It is eligible for shipping within the US but is currently prohibited for international shipping. The warranty and support issues varies from seller to seller. It has a great value at the cost it is priced at. Would not be a bad deal to lock hands with. You can definitely invest your time, trust and money without thinking much.

This rhythmically stunning product awaits your approval despite having it from all round the world. Go and purchase it today. It should be definitely in your catalogue, if you are a drummer by passion or profession. Go drumming and enjoy!

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