Latin Percussion City Wood Congas Review

City Wood Congas come from the reputed company which has served the music industry for more than 40 years and is still successfully continuing to do that – Latin Percussion. It has received several recognized awards for the tremendous contribution made by it.

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Basic Construction

The product has a barrel shaped body, extremely innovative and appealing to the users. The other important details are mentioned below-

  1. The length of the product is 31.5 inches.
  2. The breadth of the product is 15.5 inches.
  3. The height of the product is 29.5 inches.
  4. The weight of the product is 57 pounds.

Attractive Features

Here are the striking features of this drum head which has helped it maintain its reputation in the market all over the world:

  1. In Rawhide head, the wood used is of extremely high quality and durable in nature.
  2. The shells are of 10 inches and 11 inches.
  3. The hardware is coated with black powder, thereby, providing smooth finishing touch to the product.
  4. The tuning lugs are of 9/32 inches in diameter.
  5. The bottoms are equipped with rubber like material so as to enhance safety measures from getting harmed or damaged.
  6. The Siam Oak acts as the material for shell.
  7. The stands are included with the purchase.
  8. The matching bongos can be made easily available.
  9. The colors it is available in are extremely fascinating and attractive – Natural, Dark Wood and Vintage Sunburst. Choose as per your choice.

How Does It Fare?

This product will make you get hooked to itself due to the variety of features like durability, class, style, looks, material and sound quality. From finishing to basic construction, there is not a single feature that can be challenged by its competitors. Unbeaten, it has record of being extremely well for investing in. It will not let you down for sure. Sometimes it is better to trust at least once even before trying out. Go, get it. Do not waste any more time over pondering over things and researching because once you will buy it, all your research for other would be a definite vain.

Value For Money

On amazon, this item is available with free shipping offers within the U.S. but is not eligible for international shipping. Investing your time, trust and money in it would not be a bad option to deal with. Rather it will turn out good fortune for you. Trust it and give it a shot at buying as soon as possible.

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