Tycoon Percussion Junior Conga Drums Review

Tycoon Percussion Junior Conga Drums are a must have for all drummers and music lovers out there. The percussion has a beautiful and striking design and the best part is, it comes along with a double stand! If you have an interest in playing different instruments, this one is a best deal to try on and become a professional conguero- that’s what a conga player is called!

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Basic Construction

Like a regular conga, this one is a narrow and single headed pair of congas. The material used for the construction is Siam oak wood, which is handpicked by professionals. Out of the 2 drums, one has a bigger diameter of 9’’ and the other one has a slightly small in diameter of 8’’. The heads are made with best quality water buffalo skin.  You can adjust the height of the congas on the stand, as it is adjustable. The color combination is terrific and it comes with a Puerto Rican flag print. The funky yet subtle design makes it even more eye-catching and gives a very professional feel to the hands when played. The stand is strong enough to carry the weight of the congas and the whole item weighs around 33 pounds. Talking about the overall dimensions, it measures 26 x 13 x 22 inches.

Attractive Features

The first look of the product is enough to make you completely fall in love with it, however, below are some even more striking topographies of the item:

  • The material that is used is Siam Oak Wood, which is picked by the professionals themselves.
  • It is checked for its quality and durability.
  • The drum head is made of water buffalo skin, which is very strong and withstands hard hits very easily.
  • Another good part is that you don’t need to do any extra work to buy a proper stand as it is sold with a double stand.
  • The stand has a feature wherein you can easily adjust the height of the congas, when attached, according to your ease.
  • The finishing of the drum prints is done with good quality gloss and stays the same for a very long time. It also serves as a protecting sheath.
  • The drum heads produce seamlessly crisp and loud sound and the responsiveness is commendable.

How Does It Fare?

The product offers a high performance and is capable of delivering what has been promised. The impeccable design and finishing will leave you completely satisfied with your buy. The assembling is very easy and self-explanatory. If already own a couple of instruments or sets of different drums or congas, trust me, this will be an amazing and rightful addition to your instruments collection.

Value For Money

Tycoon Percussion Junior Conga Drums on Amazon at reasonable price and this is the best deal that anyone can find in the market for such a reliable and useful product. Calm the conguero in you and become a perfectionist with tycoon’s junior congas at your home or studio.

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