Pearl Travel Conga Drum Set Review

Travel Conga Drum Set was launched by the Pearl Corporation Ltd., a highly reputed organization for the wholesale distribution of percussion musical instruments, drums and flutes. This conga is a miniature version of Pearl’s standard sized congas and can be easily carried everywhere!

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Basic Construction

The basic dimension of the Conga is as follows:

  • Length – 30 inches
  • Breadth – 30 inches
  • Height – 6 inches
  • Weight – 499 grams

It is available in two other sizes as well for your convenience, as – 11.75 inches and 12.5 inches, each with a 3.5 inches deep drum.

Attractive Features

The striking features of Pearl Travel Conga Drum Set are:

  1. This product has the ability to deliver the original Conga sound from the compact deep drum of 3.5 inches, that can even be carried in a backpack.
  2. The synthetic head made up of Remo Fiberskyn3 yields excellent tone.
  3. For providing accurate and easy tuning, the five precision Allen bolts are present which via foam – handle Allen wrench, already included with the package.
  4. It can be used whenever you want – your lap, on a snare stand or can even be integrated into your percussion or drum set up.
  5. The travel conga bag is also available for all three sizes so as to carry them with you even while travelling, that too conveniently without any harm or damage to your conga.
  6. One of the most interesting feature is that the conga stands and bridge can allow the use of multiple conga sets altogether, for a complete full-sized set up.
  7. The shell is made up of the strong and sturdy Thai Oak, thus, making it durable.
  8. The rim of the conga is a polished steel and the complete finishing is a real fine touch, adding to its adorable innovative design.

How Does It Fare?

This product has won hearts all over by being the top rated and reviewed musical product from the users. The critical acclaim has rendered others in its class speechless. This musically sounding product with the innovative design and durability is a must to look out for. Moreover, the trusted brand it belongs to, adds more and more to its likeability.

Value For Money

It can be shipped anywhere and is also eligible for international shipping. It is a really good deal especially with the amazing combination of price and features it has.

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