20 Popular Spotify Playlists To Submit Your Music To And Get New Listeners

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms worldwide with millions of daily listeners. The public loves the sheer variety of music that you can find at Spotify.

Just as the listeners are flocking towards Spotify, so are the artists. Artists coming from various genres and backgrounds view Spotify as a means to broadcast their music to millions. Needless to say, promoting your music on Spotify is much more effective than Youtube or any other platform.

However, due to intense competition, many artists struggle to get an audience of more than a few hundred people. One of the best ways you can introduce your music to a new audience is by getting it featured on popular Spotify playlists.

Being featured on a trendy playlist adds a bit of weight and authenticity to the song and helps in branding yourself in the eyes of the listeners.

So, in this article, we’ll be sharing 20 popular Spotify playlists to submit your music and get featured.

1. Hits Channel Playlist

Playlistsg is one of the most sought after names on Fiverr when it comes to promoting your music on Spotify. They have years of experience in the music business and control numerous genre-specific playlists.

If they find your song fitting any of their playlists (which are mostly related to Hip-Hop, House, EDM, Pop) then they will add it to all matching playlists. You can expect to be in the top 50 to the top 10 of popular playlists which will generate organic plays for you.

Hits Channel Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

2. Fresh Talent. (All Genre) Playlist

Playlistex specializes in Spotify promotion which he’s been doing for quite a while now. He gives you a chance to feature a song on his incredibly popular playlist which has more than 70000 followers for a month.

This is for the ones who are looking for a way to introduce their song to a large number of audience at an affordable price. All the plays are organic and will help you grow your track and reach more people.

Fresh Talent Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here


Eriklaiker is one of the most experienced music marketers on Fiverr, having over 10 years of experience and has worked with more than 5000 musicians.

He has a bunch of contacts who are curators of some of the most trendy playlists on Spotify based on the genre. His customers are fans of his professionalism and the quality of his service.

Even though the duration of the gig is small (2 to 7 days), he guarantees that your song will reach thousands of listeners in such a short amount of time. In the premium package, you can promote up-to ten songs with a single purchase.

Music Contact Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

4. Organic Playlists by Freddy Briones

Freddybriones offers one of the most popular music promotion services in Fiverr. He has created a few playlists that have thousands of organic followers and here is a chance to get your song featured on one of them.

There are three options for you, each having a different price and benefits. The cheapest one gets your song featured on a playlist with more than 3500 followers, while for the most expensive deal gives you an option of 1 playlist with 10000 followers and 2 less popular playlists.

Freddy Briones Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

5. Coffeehouse Playlist

This is another playlist by playlistsg and this time they’re offering a chance to get featured in their coffee house playlist. Unlike the previous one, this is very specific to a genre and if you think your song resembles the music that is played in a coffeehouse, then this can be a tremendous boost for you.

As this gig offers only a single playlist, it is also cheaper than the last one. You have the option of getting your song into the top 50, top 25 or in the top 10 of the coffeehouse playlist.

Coffeehouse Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

6. Hood Boogas Movie Playlist

If you want your music to get featured on a movie playlist, then this is the chance for you. Rocdaguard is the executive producer of the IMDb certified film “Hood Boogas -The Movie“.

This playlist has over 23000 followers and music from all genres is welcome here. His previous customers have been satisfied with the service they got as their songs received organic plays from his playlist.

By paying a little extra, you get featured on many of the other popular playlists that he owns. He even lets you select the track number of your song on the playlist which will always be in the top 15.

Hood Boogas Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

7. Christian/Gospel Music Playlist

If you are on the religious side and your music resembles Christian or gospel music, then Gospel Hydration is the answer for you. They are known for promoting different styles of Christian music including Hip-Hop, House, Pop, Indie among many others on Spotify. This a chance to get your song featured on a playlist with more than 75000 followers and more than 1 million active plays in a month. Moreover, they will also write a short artist bio and a blog post on their website which will further improve your image and popularity.

Christian/Gospel Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

8. Ricardo Garci’s Playlist

If you are looking for a curator who manages a popular playlist with thousands of daily listeners, then ricardogarci986 is the man who can help you out.

His playlist has more than 2600 daily listeners. His customers were very thankful for his service as he provided a quick and easy way to get a massive boost in listeners.

Ricardo Garci’s Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

9. Hip Hop Mixtape Playlist

If you are a rapper or your music is closely related to the Hip-Hop genre, then this is the perfect playlist to get your song featured on.

Hyped, a promoter, with more ten years of experience offers you a chance to get your song featured on a well-liked Hip-Hop playlist. His customers have hailed his response time and the communication he brings to the table and also the organic plays they got after that.

Hip Hop Mixtape Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

10. New Hits Playlist by Rasta Records

Zach Lazarus is the founder and CEO of Rasta Records and he has an attractive proposition for you. His company has a very popular playlist on Spotify which goes by the name of “New Hits“.

Your song can be on this playlist if you go for this gig on Fiverr. He will first listen to your song and if it matches his style; he’ll also add it to any other playlist that fits the criteria.

He’ll even discuss the optimum place for your song in the playlist. Also, as he is a record label owner, he could be a useful ally in your quest to be a professional musician.

New Hits Spotify Playlist Submission Gig on Fiverr: Click Here

Free Playlists To Submit

The playlists mentioned above are paid playlists. Thus, you can get featured in those by paying a little fee to the Spotify playlist owner. We have also listed the links to the fiverr gig where these playlists placements can be bought directly. However, your song should match the playlist style so that it is a good match for the listeners.

The Spotify playlists mentioned below are free playlists. Although, these are good places to be featured; however, it is not guaranteed that your song will be included in them. Mainly because the owners of these playlists are bombarded with 100s of suggestions every day. However, you should definitely consider getting your song featured on those and reach out to those.

11. Indiemono

If you’re looking for a way to add your song to a popular Spotify playlist for free, then Indiemono is one of the best ways to do that. It is a popular website with over 20000 monthly users which has access to more than 100 actively curated playlists.

If they like your song and feel it is a perfect fit for any of their playlists, then your song could be featured on it for free. These playlists have more than two million monthly listeners altogether and are an awesome way to get some organic plays.

Indiemono Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

12. Soundplate

Founded in 2010, Soundplate is a London based record label and a website which acts as a platform for musicians from all around the world to come together and interact with one another.

They also manage hundreds of Spotify playlists, all of which are specific to a genre or a mood. You can add your songs to any of their playlists for free and enjoy organic plays and growth for your music.

You can even create your own Spotify playlist with your songs and submit to them.

Soundplate Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

13. Double J Music

Double J Music is a website that specializes in adding your songs to carefully curated playlists on Spotify. They have a bunch of playlists, all from different genres to which you can add your songs for free.

The combined follower base of all their playlists is more than 400k. Since 2016, they are in this field and have helped out thousands of musicians to promote their music.

Some of their most popular playlists are – relaxing piano, dance anthems 2020, chilled house, acoustic covers, coffee house among many others.

Double J Music Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

14. Simon Field

Simon Field is one of the most popular underground artists in the House music genre. He has collaborated with many notable DJs including Tiesto in the past.

Now he has a website and is the curator of many House and other playlists of similar genres. If your musical style resembles EDM or House music, then this is a great way to get your song featured on a Spotify playlist for free

You need to follow a couple of steps and you’re all set. Just make sure that your song fits in the criteria of the playlist.

Simon Field Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

15. MySphera

MySphera is a website started by a team of music and tech enthusiasts are obsessed with music. It was started as a medium to give a chance to budding musicians by expanding their reach and audience.

However, unlike the websites mentioned above, Mysphera charges a fee for submitting your music to a Spotify playlist. Now artists can stop chasing music bloggers and playlist curators to get their songs featured, Mysphera will do that for them.

MySphera Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

16. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists is one of the best and the fastest ways to get your song featured on Spotify. It is completely free and you can add your song to a playlist in only three steps.

All you need to do is paste the Spotify link of your song, choose a playlist and follow Daily Playlists, and you’re all set. There are many other cool perks that you’ll get alongside if you choose Daily Playlists.

Every artist gets a dashboard where you can monitor your songs, you can easily connect to playlisters and also engage with your fans at the same time.

Daily Playlists Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

17. Howard Zhu

Howard Zhu is an independent playlist curator who manages a playlist on Spotify with more than 100k subscribers. The title of the playlist is  ‘Pop/R&B/Club’ and if your music belongs to any of those categories, then this is an excellent opportunity for you.

His services are completely free and you can submit up to 6 songs in one submission. He’ll listen to the almost entire length of your song and if it fits the criteria of the playlist, it will be added.

Howard Zhu Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

18. For The Love Of Bands

For the love of bands is a popular website among artists of all genres but particularly among the Indie musicians. They review and feature any artist for free and they manage more than 50 Spotify playlists.

These playlists have more than 20k followers in total and they can feature your song in any one of them whichever matches the content of your song.

They are keen to help out young and budding artists as they even give industry tips to many of them.

For The Love Of Bands Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

19. Artist Intelligence Agency

Artist Intelligence Agency is an online portal solely created for amateur artists to connect and submit their music to Spotify playlist. Again, their services are free and they are among the most popular ways to submit a song to Spotify playlist due to the streamlined nature of their process.

They have interacted and helped out more than 7500 artists and featured more than 26000 tracks. These tracks have more than 3 billion plays when combined and your track could be among those if you choose AIA.

Artist Intelligence Agency Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

20. Soave Records

Soave Records is a Dutch record label and a music blog which brings you the latest news about music and new artists from all over the world. They are more aligned towards electronic music and its various subgenres which makes it an excellent platform for DJs to submit their music to Spotify.

You can submit your song to any of their several sub-genre specific playlists on Spotify. Their presence is not only limited to Spotify as they are more than active on Youtube and Soundcloud as well.

Soave Records Free Spotify Playlist Submission Link: Click Here

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