Latin Percussion LP Udu Drum Review

Music is an excellent platform to not only project your creative side but it also serves as a great mode to vent out emotions. People take it up as a hobby or sometimes even as a professional career. Most of the contemporary western ensemble bands such as jazz, pop or even rock bands require a drummer to enhance their musical gigs. And this is where it becomes essential to purchase the right kind of drum-set. If you are a fresher trying to help the budding musician inside you or even if you are expert trying to hone your drumming skills, either way, the Latin Percussion LP Udu Drum should help you out.

It is designed in such way that you can choose to practice with it at the comfort of your house or even use to practice some trendy tunes at a music studio. This creative innovation can help you hit all the right notes. It may, however, require you to use a microphone for an increased sound just like other Udu or Ibo drums do. This breed of hand drum shall fulfill all your expectations by presenting to you a range of melodies that you’ve been looking for.

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Basic Construction

The LP Udu Drum Udongo weighs about 15.2 pounds which is an ideal wait for a hand drum-set. Its dimensions are 17.4 x 25.3 x 15.1 inches. It has a classic wooden finish, and its modern outlook gives it a perfect finish and makes it a fashionable choice.

Attractive Features

With its world-class quality and satisfactory features, LP Udu Drum Udongo is the best choice in the market. This hand-drum that is originally made in Thailand, shall not disappoint you due to its various attractive features listed below:
• The Udu drum has an ideal weight and the perfect size for a portable drum set.
• This hand drum set’s classic wooden finish makes it visually appealing and trendy.
• It produces a vibrant sound and can be used with a microphone to give a much louder sound.
• It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a professional drum player, this drum set should be perfect for your style.
• People often use other instruments such as the mouth organ, conga heads as well as other percussion instruments along with this drum set.
• It falls under the category of Folk and World drums and hence is ideal to play some folk music with it.
• It produces an amazing array of tones, moreover, it has great resonance thus vouching for its elite sound quality.
• This ethnic piece of hand drum-set is crafted with world class material and great attention to detail, which gives it a unique and beautiful design.

How Does It Fare?

The LP Udu Drum Udongo has received great customer reviews and is a reasonable choice. It pairs well with other percussion instruments and outshines among its competitors. It has a smooth finish all over its surface and so, its over-all appeal sets it apart from its competitors.
Users have also purchased it as a gift item for their drummer friends, hence it works perfectly well as a giftable item as well. With its trendy design and user-friendly-ness, this drum-set will serve its purpose right.

Value For Money

Latin Percussion LP Udu Drum is available on Amazon and is eligible for prime shipping. Amazon is a great platform to purchase this product as it offers two and three-year accident protection at a little extra cost. Moreover, the item can be shipped to most places in the United States as well as a few select countries outside America. The shipment is handled with great care and precaution.
This product is definitely, value for money. Customers love to pair this product with the Latin Percussion LP1400-MB Udu Drum Mbwata  as well as the Meinl Percussion ID4BKO Large Premium Fiberglass Ibo Drum.

All in all, this hand drum’s sound quality, durability, outer finish as well as other attractive features make this product the perfect choice for your music career!

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