Meinl Percussion ID9BK/WH Ibo Drum Review

Meinl Percussion ID9BK/WH Ibo Drum stand out in terms of their musical brilliance by borrowing the best parts of modern technology and rich musical heritage, they have created this extraordinary masterpiece that is here to excite the next generation of musicians. Take a part in this new musical journey and discover this melange in music through the MEINL Ibo drums.

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Construction And Design

The MEINL Ibo Drums is the perfect modern addition to your love for traditional music and sounds. This drum has been created with an ingenious technology, borrowing from the already rich culture of Nigeria from where it has originated. The drum has water as one of its constituents. The water has been placed inside a sealed metal chamber from where it accentuates the musical properties of the drum. With each turn of the hands, the water creates beautiful overtones and undertones to the magnificent sounds of the drum shell. The fiberglass shell of the drums is durable and resistant to wear and tear. For an even enhanced experience, the drum comes with a built in microphone hole. Taking utmost care of design in terms of musical quality, the MEINL Ibo Drums are a class apart from other similar products.

Attractive Features

  • The sounds from the drum shell are textured and varied.
  • The water creates a lovely accompaniment for the drum, adding not just beautiful tones but also a touch of fascination with the drum.
  • The shell body and structure is easy to use and carry.
  • The drum shells are highly durable and long lasting, making your musical experiences truly endless.
  • The built in microphone works perfectly well.
  • The usage of premier fiberglass for the body of the drum adds a sense of finesse to the drums, improving not just the aesthetics and durability but also the musical quality of the sounds.

How Does It Fare?

The musical quality of the drum is unmatched, and the water surely adds to the wonder of the MEINL Ibo Drums. The fiberglass shell makes sure that you achieve a superior quality of sounds and durability. You no longer have to worry about breaking or damaging the drum as the shell is extremely resistant, making it extremely easy for you to carry it around. The drum is super user-friendly and will easily become your staple for casual picnics, camping trips or simply evening soirees. The USP for this drum is definitely the water. The water surely makes it so much easier to change tone and pitch, bring in variations to your rhythms and add a touch of an enigma to your musical pieces. Playing it at varying angles, the water moves around its sealed chamber, bringing yet another layer of musical variation that you had not uncovered. Overall, the drum is a lovely addition in any musician’s life- enhancing it technologically as well as musically.

Value For Money

Meinl Percussion ID9BK/WH Ibo Drum is an absolute steal for any musician who is wanting to expand their traditional knowledge into modernity. A classic product from MEINL Ibo, this drum is not one to disappoint. The fiberglass shell is just the beginning of a long line of features that make this product an absolute steal at its price. Its use of water to add to the depth of music created by the drum shell is an ingenious technology that is here to challenge and change you as a musician. You can now create unprecedented rhythms and make countless variations in the tone and pitch of your sounds by holding the drum at varying angles to let the water move about.

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