Meinl Percussion ID7RB Ibo Drum Review

Meinl Percussion ID7RB Ibo Drum is originally made in Thailand and is truly every drummer’s dream product. Its simplicity in design can be deceiving as it can produce robust and vibrant sounds. With its built-in microphone hole, you can ensure that you get the most out of your live performances. This aesthetically pleasing instrument is one of a kind.

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Basic Construction

The Meinl Percussion ID7RB Large Ceramic Ibo Drum weighs about 11 pounds. It is fashionably crafted out of ceramic. It is large in size and comes in red and brown color.

The ceramic body of this Ibo Drum helps in enhancing higher frequencies considerably. It is known for producing powerful bass tones. The product dimensions are 15.3 x 15.8 x 17.9 inches.

This hand drum produces full and rich sounds. Its traditional yet modern outlook makes it a good deal. It comes with a foam Padded base that helps in producing those elevating sound.

Attractive Features

This hand drum has a plethora of attractive features that make it the perfect choice. The Meinl Percussion ID7RB Large Ceramic Ibo Drum is a versatile product. Few its very many perfect features are listed below:

  • Its ceramic built not only gives it a professional look but also helps in producing resonating sounds. Moreover, this very thick ceramic material also helps in generating percussion sounds.
  • This drum set is every professional drummer’s choice; however, it is good for training purposes as well.
  • This Ibo drum has a built-in microphone and thus stands out among its competitors.
  • It’s modern yet traditional interface makes it an appealing choice.
  • Due to its deep bass sound, it is an ideal instrument for producing meditative music as well. The sounds it produces can be very relaxing and tranquil, and you can record and use them to meditate at the comfort of your home.

How Does It Fare?

This drum set has received commendable customer reviews as is reasonably priced. It is in its true sense the perfect traditional drum set model that shall never fail you.

The Meinl Percussion ID7RB Large Ceramic Ibo Drum is a tough contender in the market. It is better than the fiberglass model as it is more resonant and its flat bottom area proves to be very expressive. Moreover, the ceramic model produces a full bass note making it every drummer’s choice.

You can buy it to gift to your drummer friends in the band, or simply use it to practice a few of your own tunes, either way, it shall not disappoint you.

Value For Money

The Meinl Percussion ID7RB Ibo Drum is available on Amazon at moderate price. This is a great bargain for a drum set of this size. Crafted with great care and precision it is a durable product. You may easily find it in different colors as well.

So, give your music career a kick start by choosing this classy, trendy, and professional looking Ceramic Ibo drum set!

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