Overseas Connection Double Gonkogwe Bell Review

Overseas Connection Double Gonkogwe Bell is made of produced iron and comes in different sizes. Presently, this may appear to be simple – yet it assumes an imperative part in Ewe music: The ringer design is the way to the musicality.

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Basic Constructions

It comes in different sizes: Large (9″ low chime, 13″ tall), Medium (7″ low ringer, 11″ tall), and Small (5″ low chime, 8″ tall) and weighs around 2.5 pounds. The Gonkogwe is made of a few plates of metal that are beat together, framing two ringers of various pitches and also a handle. It produces a pitch that is from 4 to 12 semitones higher. They are generally left unpainted and seem dark or dim. Some rust may create at first glance; this can be wiped off with a material and decreased by rubbing the chimes with a little measure of oil. The handle is frequently twisted toward the end to decrease the point and make them simpler to hold.

Attractive Features

This melodic instrument has the following striking features:

  1. Due to the creating procedure and materials utilized, each chime will have its own pitch and sound quality.
  2. It is hand produced from reused press by master metal forgers in Togo. Its bright and managed tones sing out finished the gathering.
  3. A wood dowel is utilized as a mixer to strike the edges of the ringers, which are what vibrates most vigorously when the chimes are played.
  4. Due to its compact size, it can be carried everywhere quite easily and can be used on all occasions.

How Does It Fare?

Overseas Connection Double Gonkogwe Bell will not disappoint you due to its many attractive features, as listed above. If you are planning a party or are looking for an additional music instrument to compliment your songs, this bell is the one you should have a look at. Bring the essence of traditional African music by buying this bell. You will get many added benefits for a reasonable cost.

Value for Money

Overseas Connection Double Gonkogwe Bell is available on Amazon and it also qualifies for free shipping. It is available as a part of a set and is sold individually and has a 2-year Accidental Protection if your product is damaged. Because of its attractive and versatile features, this product is really liked by many customers who are attracted towards learning it.

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