TreeWorks TRE35 Bar Chime Review

TreeWorks TRE35 Bar Chime has a single row structure and is known as the most popular model by TreeWorks. It is a classic model and gives an amazing rhythm with its single row bars. The best part about classic chimes is that they can blend into any musical environment and add their own sound to the atmosphere to make it sweet and tuneful. Also, the bars in these chimes provide a louder pitch which make them a lot better than studio chimes and also idyllic for louder music surroundings.

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Basic Construction

The bars of this TreeWorks TRE35 Chime are built by bringing together an alloy of Aluminum/Titanium along with 11 other distinct metals amalgamated with each other. The tuning that emanates from this chime is actually defined as iridescent and sparkling. The mantle for this chime is made from the sturdy Tennesse hardwood and then is polished by hand with running oils to give it a shiny finish. Further, the bars are also tied by hand to the wooden mantle without using any kind of plastic ties or staples. The unique CordLoc technology put by TreeWorks in its every chime is again a wonder here because that way it can carry up to 50 pounds and also facilitate this bar chime best in durability.

Attractive Features

  • The quality of this handmade chime by TreeWorks is actually the first and foremost attractive feature of TRE35 bar chime. It has a single row of bars and can be combined with infinite number of musical settings.
  • This TreeWorks Chime is a classic in itself with its hand-braided bars and the smooth glittery finish to its overall design.
  • The durability is another thumbs-up for this TRE35 bar chime as the CordLoc structure as well as the wooden mantle with the oil finish, all of its structural designs give it a long-lasting life.

How Does It Fare?

The tuning and the sounds that this TreeWorks Chime produces are rated superiorly by many users and if you are looking to add a new chime to your musical collection with the same type of instruments then this single row bar chime is the one to go with. The quality and durability are top-class along with the whole design which is stylish and understated turning it into a classic for your collection. Hence, summing up the presentation of this wonderful chime, TreeWorks is a trusted brand to buy hand-braided that will never make you regret and always come high in their performance as well as style.

Value for Money

This TreeWorks TRE35 Bar Chime is available at Amazon along with the availability of free shipping by the website. The louder pitch, its specific blend into any musical composition, its classic design and the hand-braided craft employed by TreeWorks artisans, all of these features make it a worth buy at this price. Moreover, durability is another add-on to its characteristics along with the ethereal sounds emanates that can transform any dull atmosphere into a soulful one!

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