Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head Review

Evans has been one of the leading and consistent manufacturers of drum heads for a long term of over 40 years. It is renowned for its innovative designing approach and has come out with the Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head. This product is a 7-mil black reso and with a fixed internal control ring. Two interchangeable, adjustable foam rings are also provided.

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Basic Construction

It is constructed out of 7.5 mil single ply black film, improving its durability. The Externally Mounted Adjustable Breaking (EMAD) system in combination with an internal fixed ring is a major boost as it widens the scope for tonal experimentation. It comes with a 4” offset mic port which contains a plastic sleeve for the purpose of focusing pitch and enhancing attack. It also serves as a protection shield for the port. The collar design has the Evans Level 360 drum head technology, which is a great technical advancement.

Attractive Features

Some of the most striking features of this drum head by Evans are as follows:

  • The artistically craven collar design improves drum shell fitting.
  • This product offers a greater tonal range as it has numerous tuning options.
  • The single ply black film used for construction has a remarkable tensile strength and can sustain effective mechanical strain.
  • The EMAD system is the most significant feature of this instrument.
  • Above all, the sound quality that this drum head is designed to impart never fails to please as all the features work in great collaboration to achieve the same.

How Does It Fare?

The Evans REMAD Resonant Bass Drum Head breaks all the stereotypes that appear as an obstruction to create better and soothing music. This popular bass drum head from Evans is a much-needed upgrade to your distinct collection of musical instruments. It makes, ‘hitting the most difficult of the musical tones’ an absolute possibility. The versatility opens scope for both, formal and informal music. Thus, it is suitable for the needs of both, beginners and professionals. The design and the performance sets this product a class apart from the rest.

Value for Money

On Amazon, this drum head is priced at approximately priced and let me tell you, this seems to be the biggest attraction of this product. You can now enjoy superior features and get an amazing drumming experience at a very reasonable cost.

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