Roosebeck T-Bar Rosewood Bodhran Review

Roosebeck T-Bar Rosewood Bodhran is a fantastic acoustic instrument. It is meant to be in the hands of aspiring musician but professional musicians have found some great use for it too! Its excellent head provides amazing user comfort enabling the user to produce better tones. With the perfect grip that the T bar provides it is easier for the user to grip the Bodhran without worrying about the instrument slipping or juggling in their hands. Its excellent structure is the reason why its users believe it provides such great usability.

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Basic Construction

Constructed entirely out of beautiful rosewood, it has an appealing look. The natural wood stains are the sign of the originality of its excellent materials. Its circular shape has a diameter of 17 inches and the height of 5 inches. On its own it weighs a mere 0.2 ounces but after it is safely packed and ready for shipping, it weighs about 4.5 pounds.

Attractive Features

Though its major features lie in the enhanced comfort and usability of the product, here are some other of the other features that can be chalked up to its name:

  • The goatskin head is a great addition to the Bodhran. The natural head produces a very sonorous and deep sound when played with expertise.
  • The Bodhran can be used to play all kinds of music. This makes it a great companion on every type of musical grouping.
  • It is very easy to tune it up according to the user’s wishes. You also get a tuning wench along with it that makes your job so much easier.
  • It is available in many other colors that just give it a very appealing look. The colors are like blue and black. They use materials like plywood and mulberry wood too for the construction.
  • The bolt tuning is hidden inside the frame of the instrument, that keeps the look of the instrument very neat and precise.

How Does It Fare?

It has been considered as a great piece of musical instrument by its users. Most of its users find its reliability and comfortability very rewarding. The Bodhran has been constructed to withstand the relentless thrashings by an amateur and produce the best tones for a professional. It is also a great starting tool for something much better in the days ahead.
It is beautifully designed to suit all your needs, making it a great purchase.

Value For Money

It presents excellent value for money. You will simply fall in love with it when you hit the Bodhran the first time! It has a beautiful sound to it that puts it above par the others in this same segment.
I promise you that every day that you put off to buying this brilliant instrument, eventually you will regret not having this in the first place.

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