Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran Review

Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran is another fine addition to the fabulous chain of Bodhrans by the company. The Bodhran has been manufactured with supreme precision under the expert supervision, rendering it the required qualities. It is those unmatched and exquisite qualities of the instrument that we are going to review in this article.

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Basic Construction

The Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran is 18 inches in length, 18 inches in width and six inches in height. Thus, the Bodhran has been designed robustly to provide with the best possible performance. Despite such robust build, the instrument weighs just 3 pounds. The light weight of the product does not do any harm to the quality. Actually, it is the indicator of the quality of raw materials that have been used in the construction of this drum. To cap off the designing, it has been provided with a synthetic Bahia base drumhead. Thus, it can be concluded that the build of the material is top class. The supreme construction methodologies are a reason behind the success of the instrument in the market.

Attractive Features

When new comers come with a product which has got the quality to rule the market, it does surprise the opponents. Although there are many attractive features, all of which cannot be discussed here, let us have a look at some of the top features of the instrument.

  • The Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran has a tuning system to enhance the quality of sound. On top of that, a Bahia Bass drumhead is installed to render the suitable tone and flexibility.
  • The instrument is capable of rendering beautiful tone to classic folk music.
  • The package comes with a tuning key and a drumstick, which are critical to control the quality of the music produced by the instrument.

How Does It Fare?

The Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran has many advantages over the competitor instruments available in the market. However, if you ask me to shortlist one quality which gives it the most distinct edge over all others, it has to be the tremendous performance of the instrument. Made with exceptional precision and supreme quality raw materials, the Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran is capable of delivering power packed performances. The sound produced by the Bodhran is in line with the traditional tones while the clearness and crispness of the sound is exceptional. The Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran is also very strong and durable, the qualities mainly coming due to the superior raw materials. The instrument can sustain rough use. It has got all the capabilities to be the winner in the concerts. So, in terms of quality, performance, strength and quality, the instrument is an absolute winner.

Value For Money

The supreme quality of the product has to be backed by reasonable pricing to make it a success in the market. If we weigh the Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran on this parameter, the instrument is a big winner in every sense. It also has the free shipping option which is available in most of the states. If we compare the price to some other competitors in the market, it falls on the higher side. However, when we compare the price with the features and quality of the product, the Remo ET4516-81 Bodhran definitely turns into a coup at such price. Thus, it can be concluded that the product is perfectly priced as per the qualities. So, click on the buy button without any hesitation and be assured that your money is invested at the right place.

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