Woodstock Desk Gong Review

Woodstock Desk Gong is a masterpiece right out of the history. With its authentic build and quintessential resonance, it radiates a vintage feel. Manufactured by Woodstock Chimes, it can be presented as a symbol of peace and meditation.

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Basic Construction

The Woodstock Desk Gong measures 1.2 X 1 X 0.2 inches and weighs about 1.4 pounds. It has a sleek brass gong, black wooden frame and mallet. The body is finely polished and contains an element of authentic historic construction. It has a gong diameter of 6 inches and is small enough to be placed on your desk but big enough to pacify the atmosphere.

Attractive features

  1. It has a very finished black wooden frame. It is strong and holds the gong in place.
  2. There is an ash wood and lustrous brass gong.
  3. Alongside the frame is the mallet hanging.
  4. It is known to calm your surrounding environment and therefore can be used in meditation rooms. Wooden gongs also make quite an accessory during your yoga sessions.
  5. Moreover, they can also be used to keep on your desks to have an omnipresent peaceful vibe.

How does it fare?

Woodstock Desktop Gong has an elegant design and boasts of artistic intricacies. A dramatic mixture of art and history, it is a symbolic antique. Sure, it excels fantastically in reviving an age-old element that was somehow missing in modern times but it also brings a much-needed peace and purity in our busy lives. A break from the stress, a drive back to history, an elaborate detachment from the high-tech world we are living in- this splendid gong is worth your money.

Woodstock Gong installed at your desks uplifts the aura of your house too. Meditate, do yoga by its side and enjoy the peace of mind you get from it.

Value for money

It definitely is worth every penny. I say this not just looking at the structure but also the kind of antique element and aura it carries with itself. With its perfect handicraft and multipurpose use, it is a good value for your money. It is built with authentic material that promises good durability and it does not lose its lustre and polished body even after years of buying.

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