Woodstock Hanging Gong Review

Woodstock Hanging Gong is famous for its originality and hand-crafts. Every piece of the gong is hammered by the hands of professional gong makers and the material that is used in making has been used for over thousands of years now. These gongs have a divine sound, which stays for like 4-5 seconds after playing and is perfect for any kind of meditation or classes.

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Basic Construction

The main part, that is the gong, is made of brass which is hand-beaten by the perfectionists in gong making. The overall dimensions of the chime are: 2.7 x 20.1 x 12.8 inches and it weighs around 1.4 pounds.

The hanger and the support is made of wood, which is colored in black and compliments the brass colored gong. A black colored thread gives support to the gong as well as the rammer for hanging and the same has been used to hang the whole device. The thread is strong enough to take the weight of the apparatus and to keep it hanging for a long time.

Attractive Features

The color contrast of the gong gives a very beautiful look to the entire set-up, leaving it a must have item. Once the gong is hit, it makes an authentic gong sound that rings for about 4-5 seconds. It is a perfect chime to gift your beloved ones, to hang in a class room or to use for meditation with the divine sound.  Following are some of the striking features:

  • The material used in manufacturing of the product is high class and tested for durability.
  • It is one of the most sold and attractive feng shui chimes.
  • The size is compact and is the weight is also perfect according to the dimensions, which make the product quite portable.
  • There is no assembling that is to be done once you open the packing.
  • Can be hanged in any corner of the house, class room or office.
  • The ring of the gong is very soothing to ears and sets you refreshed.
  • The black thread that is used to support the gong, the rammer and the entire apparatus together, is very neatly applied and does its best in keeping all the things together.
  • The wooden frame adds to the look and performance.

You can hang it anywhere in your home- the entrance, in the study room, library, outside guest room or bed room and even in the kitchen. This charm is meant to bring prosperity and affluence to you, so presenting it to a colleague is indeed a great idea.

How Does It Fare?

The product is efficient in doing what is being promised. The material used to make the gong is high quality and hand-hammered and is made by the best people in the business. This range of gongs was started by a Grammy award winner artist and designer of instruments- Garry Kvistad. He had made the first chime from an aluminum chair that he found in a junk yard. His wife accompanied him in the business and they established Woodstock Chimes in the year 1979.  They are still manufacturing the chimes successfully and delivering the luck all over all the world.

Value for Money

As compared to other gongs, the Woodstock Hanging Gong has been manufactured for very long and is an example of the hand crafted and hand-hammered gongs. This kind of quality product is a great deal for any feng shui lover and someone who believes in the blessings of good luck charms. We personally suggest this as a lovely gift that anyone would be happy and overwhelmed to receive.

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