RhythmTech DST10 Drum Set Tambourine Review

RhythmTech DST10 Drum Set Tambourine is a rugged, durable and well-built tambourine known for its beautiful and sleek look along with the sheer brilliance of the music that it produces. The black colored crescent-shaped tambourine is designed specifically for the drummers to be mounted on the top of the acoustic set that they have in place, making it a perfect match for the characteristics that you have been looking for.

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Basic Construction

DST10 Drum Set Tambourine has a length of 14.5 inches, width of 8.3 inches and height of 2.2 inches looks like a perfect set of dimensions when it comes to size. Add to that the meager weight of one pound and I am sure you must be jumping up and down like crazy beings reading this review. The use of perfect materials is the reason behind the light but solid built and this leaves no doubt why the product should not be the best seller in this category of musical instruments.

Attractive Features

The DST10 is of course the instrument that you have been looking for since ages, given the wide playing area due to the relatively thin polymeric edges. The build of the instrument is phenomenal and so is the performance. Now, let us have a look at some of the top features of this tambourine which are set to attract you towards clicking on the order button.

  • The mounting and uninstalling work has become easier ever since the introduction of the quick release wing screw.
  • The product is solid in terms of durability due to the use of high-quality polymers in the framework.
  • The stick noise has been reduced and the tambourine has got enough sturdiness to stand the continuous blow of drums.

How Does It Fare?

RhythmTech DST10 Drum Set Tambourine is one of the best instruments in the category when it comes to performance having delivered years of musical brilliance. The suitability and drummer friendly characteristics of this instrument are so popular that it has gone on to become the necessary kit of the kitbag of the drummers. The performance is good in terms of quality, frequency, shrill and volume of the sound. Hence, you can close your eyes and invest your money in this instrument which is as safe as a bank.

Value For Money

The name RhythmTech is synonymous to belief and assurance when it comes to tambourines and such a classy material coming from the house of such a reputed manufacturer at an affordable price is no doubt a good deal. There are other rider packages available to increase the warranty period of the tambourine by a period of two or three years as per your choice. Though the product prices a little higher than the other competitors in the market, there is class written all over the build, performance, and quality of the product making it a top priority for almost all the drummers around the world.

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