Half Moon Tambourine with Mounting Eye Bolt Review

Half Moon Tambourine with Mounting Eye Bolt is a mountable drum set tambourine which comes with dual suitability feature. Dual suitability feature means the tambourine can be mounted to the high hat or it can be mounted to any other rod which is available making it flexible for the drummer to decide its position depending upon his position and need. The product package also includes the mounting hardware, saving your precious time which you might have wasted searching for a suitable package of mounting hardware which can be used with the instrument.

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Basic Construction

Half Moon Tambourine has a length of 10 inches, breadth of two inches and perfectly suitable height of eight inches, the tambourine can be termed as perfectly sized. When it comes to weight, at 1.2 pounds, it is one of the lightest weighted tambourines available in the market. The product is sturdy and strong and still light, the reason being the use of high-quality materials for construction of the tambourine giving it both the desired features. In short, there is no exaggeration in concluding that the tambourine has been perfectly built to suit the demands of the drummers.

Attractive Features

Now, let’s have a look at some of the major attractive features of the instrument.

  • The tambourine comes with very precisely and uniquely designed edge built by the polymers of highest quality giving it the required strength and making it very light weight at the same time.
  • The striking surface is absolutely perfect for being struck by a drum stick. The surface has been built precisely to reduce stick noise and make the sound extraordinary.
  • The instrument is provided with locking bracket which gives the drummer the flexibility to mount the tambourine either to the high hat stand or to any other rod which is free and available to be used.
  • There are eight double rows of jingles in the tambourine, giving it a definite edge over its competitors.

How Does It Fare?

Half Moon Tambourine with Mounting Eye Bolt is loaded with plenty of features and built with some of the best materials available in the market for construction of such tambourines. The product is definitely one of the best to have been ever produced by the company. But the question remains, how does it perform? So, erase all the persisting doubts in your mind let me confirm the fact that you would have never used a better half moon tambourine than this in your entire life. The user friendliness of the tambourine along with the superior performance makes it a winner in its category. The performance of the instrument is top notch and it is one of the reasons why drummers prefer this over all other products

Value For Money

Half Moon Tambourine with Mounting Eye Bolt comes at the meager price along with the minimal shipping charges. The price is absolutely justifiable and there is no doubt that it is going to give headaches to all other competitors out there in the market. So, there is no point thinking about any other alternative available in the market. Close your eyes and click on the buy button and get ready to enhance your drumming skills and leave yourself amazed at the variety of features available at hand.

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